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Air BAPS Board
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Air BAPS Board #2970000914
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  • Air BAPS - Biomechanical Ankle Platform System allows limitless combinations of proprioception, stability and strengthening

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The Air BAPS (Biomechanical Ankle Platform System) Therapy Board was developed by Physical Therapist Gary Gray who is often considered the father of functional rehabilitation. The Air BAPS Board, is 20" across in diameter with a unique shape that allows for even greater control, flexibility and ease-of-use for your rehabilitation protocols. Like the original highly successful BAPS Pro™, the Air BAPS Therapy Board features a single, non-adjustable pivot point on the bottom which allows for optimum biomechanical advantages. The top of the Air BAPS board has a fixed inflatable bladder which provides wide control for varying levels of predictable unpredictability or controlled instability. The top of the Air BAPS board is marked with vectors to provide an index of the patient's relationship to the pivot point and shape of the Air BAPS board. All changes in the patient relationship to the Air BAPS board effects, directs and isolates the force vectors about the ankle, knee, hip or back.

Air BAPS comes fully assembled, with an educational instructional manual that features protocols developed by Gary Gray.

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