Adaptive Mugs, 10 oz.

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Product Highlights

  • Two lids reduce spillage and assist with feeding
  • Anti-Splash and Feeding Spout Lids can be used with a straw

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Adaptive Mugs, 10 oz. assist with drinking independence for patients with weakened hands, limited mobility, or dysphagia. Clear Two-Handled Mugs offer wider bases for added stability. Choose one or two handles depending on patient’s level of impairment.

Each mug includes two lids to help reduce spillage and assist with dysphagia feeding strategies: Anti-Splash Lids control spilling and limit flow with two-sized openings, and Feeding Spout Lids are contoured to fit the mouth and feature a flow-control vent; both can accommodate straws.

Optional Flo Lids have rubber stoppers that automatically control flow volume for greater drinking independence, and Nosey Lids allow for safe drinking for dysphagia patients or those with limited neck motion.

Holds 10 oz. • Plastic • Safe for warm or cold liquids • Dishwasher-safe • Made in the USA

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