b'AliGel PositionersBody PositionersSUPGraduated Thoracic Positioners Recommended for placement underneath patient to achieve full chest extension. CommonlyPROused in cardiovascular or thoracic procedures. Also use for nerve protection between or under knees.Chest PositionersAlleviate pressure on 9"W x 14"L x 112"-2"H8.5 lbs. thoracic region and allow for easier breathing. 95-113GRADUATED THORACIC POSITIONER Conforms to patients shoulder-to-hip area. 8"W x 28"L x 3"H18 lbs.2"H 1" H 925830LEFT925831RIGHTUpper Extremity PositionersMultipurpose useConvert your Mayo stand SUP LAT PRO TRE REV to a hand table SUP LAT PROContoured Armboard PadsContoured Mayo Stand PadsRecommended for hand SUP LAT PRO FOW TRE REV surface provides greater body contact forprocedures; turn a Mayo stand into a hand table. improved pressure distribution. Ideal for upperAlso use in lateral to support arm and reduce risk of Armboard PadsProvide a flat layer of gel extremities and protection of biceps, elbow, andpressure and nerve damage.protection for biceps, elbow, and forearm areas.forearm areas, or anywhere an armboard is used.18 12 "W x 21"L x58 " thickMultipurpose gel protection. Contoured Pads prevent arms from rolling.S: 4"W x 15"L x 14" thick0.8 lb. FAX800.437.2966 L: 412"W x 24"L x38 " thickS: 512"W x 16"L x 2"H5 lbs.M: 534"W x 20"L x 214"H 925793MAYO STAND PAD 1.65 lbs.XL: 612"W x 24"L x38 " thick2.4 lbs.6.4 lbs.L: 534" W x 24"L x 214"H8 lbs.930238 S 936073S930239 L 931329M931333 XL 936072L888.625.4633AliMed.comSUP LAT TRE REV SUP LAT TRE REV SUP LAT FOW TRE REVUlnar Forearm ProtectorsProvide anti- Ulnar Nerve ProtectorsAllow access forHand/Wrist SupportsStabilize and protect shear protection for ulnar nerve and full forearmA-line and IV while protecting ulnar from nervehands and wrists. Ideal for A-line and IV while patients arms are tucked to the side. and shear damage. Ideal for shorter procedures.insertion support and effective positioning for arterial 13"W x 18"L x 14" thickHook-and-loop closure 6"W x 15 34 "L x12 " thick1.15 lbs. cannulization and dialysis. Use with AliStrap or AliStrap Soft (available at AliMed.com).95-788ULNAR FOREARM PROTECTOR 95-787ULNAR NERVE PROTECTOR314"W x 11"L x 2 38 "H"1.15 lbs.936721HAND/WRIST SUPPORT6 AliMed.com/positioners 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'