b'Lightweight pressure relief Economical protection AFGeellAlliiLLiittee FRREEEEDDOOMMGpppp. .1 68, 197 AliMed.pcopm. 1/0p-o13sitionersBody PositionersSUP LAT PRO LIT2"W x 2"H3"W x 3"H Flat bottom 9217996"L, 0.9 lb9258236"L, 2 lbs helps keep rolls Chest RollsIdeal for a variety of positions andin placeprocedures. Place under torso to allow for chest9258208"L, 1 lb9258248"L, 2 lbsexpansion or under feet to protect from possible92582110"L, 2 lbs92582510"L, 3 lbsnerve damage in prone. Also use in supine under92582212"L, 2 lbs92582612"L, 4 lbs knees and lateral on each side of patient to keep 4"W x 3"H6"W x 5"Hthem in position. Flat bottom provides stability and91-38712"L, 6.5 lbs91-39012"L, 13 lbs keeps positioner in place. 91-38816"L, 8.8 lbs91-39116"L, 16 lbs91-38920"L, 10 lbs91-39220"L, 20 lbsFAX800.437.2966SUP LAT PRO LIT FOW TRE REV PRO SUP PROUniversal PositionersVersatile and multi- Contoured Chest RollsConform to adult ribChest Roll and Axillary Roll CoversFor purpose design, recommended for positioningcage in prone position. Flat bottom providesenhanced gel protection, wrap chest rolls andAliMed.com 888.625.4633patients in a variety of procedures. Controls femoralstability and keeps positioner in place. axillary rolls with these AliGel covers. Fastens with blood flow when used as a weight on thighs in614"W x 5"HS: 12"L12 lbs.M: 16"L15 lbs.L: 20"Lhook-and-loop closures. Also use as a stand-alone supine. Use under feet to prevent nerve damage. 18 lbs. chest or axillary roll positioner when folded onto itself.Supports neck and tilted-back head when intubating.925827S Hook-and-loop closuresChest Roll Cover: 18"W x 18"L x Also provides lower back support when in supine. 925828M 12"H7 lbs.Axillary Roll Cover: 17"W x 12"L x 12"H5 lbs.412"W x 2"H at centerTapered edgesS: 10"L2.6 lbs. 925829L 925832 CHEST ROLL COVER L: 14"L3.85 lbs.XL : 18"L9 lbs. 925833 AXILLARY ROLL COVER95-945S95-946L925834XLFind our full line of Patient Positioners at AliMed.com/positionersPosition Guide: SUP Supine LAT Lateral PRO Prone LIT Lithotomy FOW Fowlers TRE Trendelenburg REV Reverse Trendelenburgcustomerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/positioners 5'