b'Developing and delivering positioning products for 50 years and countingFor 50 years, AliMed has been an industry leader in developing and delivering positioning solutions that improve patient outcomes, offering unique and innovative gel and foam products engineered to redistribute pressure, reduce shear, maximize stability, and improve imaging visualization.Your everyday needs. Our unique capabilities. At AliMed, we strive to consistently provide high-quality surgical positioning products with fast, reliable delivery and responsive, knowledgeable customer service. Don\'t see what you need? Consult your AliMed representative and see what we can do for you.Patient PositionLithotomy Fowlers Trendelenburg ReverseSupine Lateral Prone TrendelenburgPositioner Type SUP LAT PRO LIT FOW TRE REVAliGelBEST pp. 4-7pp. 4-7pp. 4-7pp. 4, 5, 7pp. 4-7pp. 4-7pp. 4-7100% Gel SELLER!AliLitepp. 8, 9pp. 8, 9pp. 8, 9p. 8p. 8pp. 8, 9pp. 8, 9Lightweight GelAliBlue Gel pp. 10-13pp. 10-13pp. 10-13pp. 10-13pp. 10, 12, 13pp. 10, 12, 13pp. 10, 12, 13Economical GelSingle-Use pp. 14, 15p. 15pp. 14, 15p. 14pp. 14, 15pp. 14, 15pp. 14, 15 Disposable FoamOther Positioners: Pediatric Positionerspp. 22, 23A-Line Support Splintsback coverVacuum-suctioned beads conform to body for stable positioningBean Bag Positioners use vacuum UNIVERSAL BEAN BAGsuction to conform small, loosely packed935231SM., 10"W x 20"Lbeads to the patient\'s body, creating a solid935232MED., 20"W x 20"L foundational support for safe, stable positioning. Unseal the vacuum valve to let air in, and the BEAN BAG WITH CUTOUTbeads move freely again. Lightweight and easy935233LG., 30"W x 40"L to position. AliMeds urethane material works925785LG. w/GEL, 30"W x 40"Ltogether with the beads for the right flexibility,937565FULL LENGTH, 30"W x 76"Lprecise shaping, and maximum conformity.935234XL, 36"W x 40"LStain-resistant, easy to clean, and nonporous.927766XL w/GEL, 36"W x 40"LAvailable in two styles: Universal (without935235BARIATRIC 46"W x 46"Lcutout) and Bean Bag with Cutout. Bean925786BARIATRIC w/GEL, 46"W x 46"LBags with Cutout offer a space for extremities to lie in a more natural position. Select stylesSUP LATare available with Gel for protection against shear. Not made with natural rubber latex.UniversalBean Bag Bean Bag with CutoutPublication #7940Product #11593customerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/positioners 3'