b'Trendelenburg StabilizerSingle use.Reduce risk of infection and Single Usespeed cleanup.Consistent setup ensures patients are safely secured in Trendelenburg every time.One size fits all patients.Draw sheet securely anchored to the table base and strategically angled straps hold the patient in placeSingle-use convolutedIntegrated draw sheetfoam for pressureand secure strapsreduction and airdeliver stabilitycirculation Disposablereduces riskof infection and speeds cleanupAdditional straps hold Positioner is securelythe arms in a neutral, anatomical position anchored to table while convoluted foam padding distributes Patient is stabilized bypressure evenly integrated straps and draw sheetTRETrendelenburg StabilizersPositioning patients in Trendelenburg can be challengingoften requiring a complex assortment of straps, foam, gel, tapes, belts, and bean bags. These makeshift means do not guarantee patient stabilization. With the all-in-one Trendelenburg Stabilizer, a draw sheet is securely anchored to the table base while the strategically angled straps hold the patient in place. Additional straps hold the arms in a neutral, anatomical position as the convoluted foam padding distributes pressure evenly. Stabilizer Components: Draw sheet with attachedhook-and-loop straps, one pair of foam arm pads,The one-size-fits-all system reduces frustration duringand one pair of foam chest padssetup and provides the right equipment in the right size, helping ensure safer procedural outcomes. 6/cs.Draw sheet: 40"W x 60"LMaterials: Polyester/rayon draw sheetPolyester-blend strapsHigh-density, open-cell convoluted Polyfoam shoulder/arm/chest positioners Single useNonsterile 937126 Patent #8,539,621, #8,539,622, #8,539,623Stabilizes patientStabilizesAnchorsto table arms stabilizer Draw sheet with Foam paddingto table base integrated strapsPosition Guide: SUP Supine LAT Lateral PRO Prone LIT Lithotomy FOW Fowlers TRE Trendelenburg REV Reverse Trendelenburg20 AliMed. com/ positioners 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed .com'