b'SecureFitTPSTrendelenburg Safety System Simple. Secure. Reusable. SecureFits contoured foundation and conforming gelReusablesurface provides better patient positioning in less time, taking safety, stability, and surgical access to the next level.Easy IV accessUnobstructed chest accessGel pad protects Contoured design against skin shearcradles the scapulaand redistributes region, avoiding contact pressure evenly with the brachial plexusA unique,reusable solution for Trendelenburg positioning! Conforming viscoelastic gel padSecureFit is safe,Fits all Avoids reliable, and easy to setstandard tables pressureshoulder up, reducing our prep time by 15-30 minutes.Jaydev Sarma, M.D., Department of Anesthesiology, Setup time Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School under a minuteTRESecureFit TPS provides a stable, easy-to-use solution that dramatically reduces setup time, resists slipping, and evenly redistributes pressure. Fits all standard-width tables. Best suited for Robotic,Stabilizing Wedge Pads, pairLaparoscopic, and Open procedures whereStabilizing Posts, pairTrendelenburg is used.TPS Foundation: 20"W x 17"L x 6"HAluminum Stabilizing Wedges, L & R TPS Gel Pad: 2212"W x 39"L x 112" thick (1" gel surfaceTobogganwith 12" Polyfoam base)Perineal cutout: 9"W x 13"L TPS Stabilizing Wedge Pads: 1" memory foam over PolyfoamCover: Black anti-shear elasticAntimicrobial Fluid-proof fabricFluid-resistant sewn seamsCAL 117-compliantStabilizing Posts: 914"L x58 " diameterTPS Foundation Stainless steelToboggans: 10"L x 8"H x 1014"D Arm PadToboggan Arm Supports: 25"L x 412"H Polyfoam pads (shown up)938040SECUREFIT TPS TPS Gel Pad934725FREEDOM CLARK TABLE SOCKETPatent #9,283,133 Arm Pad Table Socket(sold separately at left, visit AliMed .com for details)Replacement items available.Call for details.customerservice@AliMed .com 800.225.2610 AliMed .com /positioners 21'