b'Trusted for 50 yearsLightweight pressure reliefGel protects against pressure and shear. AliGelAliLitepp. 4-7 pp. 8, 9Lower Extremity PositionersSold individuallySUP SUP PRO FOW REV SUP LAT TREContoured Leg Rests position and protectDome PositionersLower profile helpsHeel CupsRecommended for heel protection knee or calf from pressure. Also use to stabilizeprevent footdrop in prone while providingduring supine surgical procedures where the patients head while in supine.pressure protection under knees when patient is inheel is most susceptible to pressure injuries. Provides 7"W x 7"L x 314"H112" contour4.2 lbs. supine. Use under the metatarsal or under the foot,protection without constricting adjustability.against the board or in Semi-Fowlers. 314"W x 6"L x 134"H1 lb.960893 6"W x 14"L x 3"H7.2 lbs. 960907 960882 LIT SUP LAT LITAnkle Stirrup Pads protectKnee Crutch and ankles from nerve damage andIndividual PadsUse to shear. Allows full view of feet andcover a knee crutch in lithotomy include straps and hooks. Adjustableposition. Also use between to ensure proper fit. Sold in pairs. knees in lateral position, or1212"L x 1 34 "W x38 " thick0.9 lbs.under sacrum in supine.960886 S: 9"W x 11"L x38 "H1.3 lbs. M: 11"W x 17"L x 14"H2.5 lbs. L: 20"W x 22"L x 12"H8.1 lbs. 960905S960904M960910LPediatric PositionersDesigned specifically for your smallest patients pp. 22, 23Position Guide: SUP Supine LAT Lateral PRO Prone LIT Lithotomy FOW Fowlers TRE Trendelenburg REV Reverse Trendelenburgcustomerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/positioners 13'