b'Trusted for 50 yearsLightweight pressure reliefGel protects against pressure and shear. AliGelAliLitepp. 4-7 pp. 8, 9Lower Extremity PositionersSold individuallyPole SleevesProtect the peroneal nerveLITfrom pressure andSUP PRO FOW TRE SUP LAT TREshear. Ideal for patients in lithotomy, orDome PositionersPrevent footdrop in proneHeel CupsRecommended for heel protection for Urology or Gynecologywhile providing pressure protection under kneesduring supine procedures where heel is most procedures. Sold in pairs. when patient is in supine. Use under the metatarsal,susceptible to pressure injuries. Protects without 25" tube2"I.D.2 lbs. under the foot, or in Fowlers position. constricting adjustability. Sold individually.939162POLE SLEEVE, pr6"W x 14"L x 3"H7 lbs. 314"W x 6"L x 134"H1 lb.937978DOME POSITIONER 937970HEEL CUPSold individuallyLITAnkle Stirrup PadsProtect ankles fromSUP SUP LAT FOW TRE REVnerve damage and shear. Allows full view ofHeel Protector WrapsProtect vulnerable feet and include straps and hooks. Adjustable toTrapezoid Positioner Supports for legheel and ankle areas, particularly the malleoli, ensure proper fit. Sold in pairs. separation. Also use as stabilizing positioners1 78 "W x38 " thickS: 1212"LL: 17 38 "L or to prevent footdrop.during supine procedures. Secure with hook-and-1 loopattachment. Universal sizing.938963 S, pr 7"W x 10"L x 3 2 "H 3938964 L, pr 938967TRAPEZOID POSITIONER SUPPORT8 " thick1.7 lbs.Hook-and-loop closure938968HEEL PROTECTOR WRAPFAX800.437.2966SAM Boot Pads37"Lshown AliMed.com 888.625.463328"WLIT SUP LAT SUP LAT LITLithotomy Boot Stirrup PadsIdeal forUniversal Vac-Pac CoversIdeal as Knee Crutch and Individual PadsUse to universal stirrups where pads protect patientsan additional layer of gel protection for bothcover a knee crutch in lithotomy position. Also lower leg and heel areas from shear. Place insidepatients and surfaces. Reduces pressure as well asrecommended for use between knees in lateral lithotomy boot to protect against nerve damage. skin shear. Lengthens the life of the surface becauseposition, or under sacrum in supine.Sold in pairs.its not in direct contact with patients skin. Standard size: 6"W x 1012"L x 14"H3.5 lbs.SAM versionCompatible with your Olympic Medical Vac-Pacs S: 9"W x 11"L x38 "HM: 11"W x 17"L x 14"Hcompatible with Allen Boots: 27"W x 1412"L (top)5"W xor AliMed Bean Bag Positioners (p. 3).L: 20"W x 22"L x 12"H14" thick (bottom)5 lbs. 28"W x 37"L x12 " thick15 lbs.938962S938965BOOT STIRRUP PAD, pr938984UNIVERSAL VAC-PAC COVER 938961M938966SAM BOOT STIRRUP PAD, pr938960LVac-Pac is a trademark of Olympic Medical.Position Guide: SUP Supine LAT Lateral PRO Prone LIT Lithotomy FOW Fowlers TRE Trendelenburg REV Reverse Trendelenburgcustomerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/positioners 13'