b'FREEDOM Gel PositionersBody Positioners20"L 12"L16"L1"H 2"HPRO PRO SUPContoured Chest RollsConform to adult ribChest PositionersAlleviate pressure on Graduated Thoracic Positioners cage in prone position. Flat bottom providesthoracic region and allow for easier breathing.Recommended for placement underneath stability and keeps positioner in place. Conforms to patients shoulder-to-hip area.patient to achieve full chest extension. Commonly 614"W x 5"HS: 12"L13 lbs.M: 16"L16 lbs. 8"W x 28"L x 3"H18 lbs. used in cardiovascular or thoracic procedures. AlsoL: 20"L20 lbs. use for nerve protection between or under knees. 938978LEFT937977S938979RIGHT 9"W x 14"L x 112"-2"H8.5 lbs.937976M938980GRADUATED THORACIC POSITIONER937975LUpper Extremity PositionersConvert yourMayo stand toSUP LAT PRO FOW TRE REV SUP PRO a hand tableArmboard PadsProvide a flat layer of gelChest Roll and Axillary Roll CoversForSUP LAT PROprotection for biceps, elbow, and forearm areas.enhanced gel protection, wrap Chest Rolls and Multipurpose gel protection. Axillary Rolls with these covers. Fastens with hook- Mayo Stand PadsRecommended for hand 3 and-loop closures. Also use as a stand-alone chest orprocedures; turn a Mayo stand into a hand table. S: 4"W x 15"L x 14" thick0.8 lb.L: 412"W x 24"L x8 " thickaxillary roll positioner when folded onto itself. 2 lbs.XL: 612"W x 24"L x38 " thick2.5 lbs. Also use in lateral to support arm and reduce risk of Chest Roll Cover: 18"W x 18"L x 12"H7 lbs.Axillary Rollpressure and nerve damage.938969 S Cover: 17"W x 12"L x 12"H5 lbs.938104 L 18 12 "W x 21"L x58 " thick938105 XL 938982 CHEST ROLL COVER 938972MAYO STAND PADFAX800.437.2966 938981 AXILLARY ROLL COVERSold individually888.625.4633AliMed.com 20"LSUP LAT TRE REVSUP LIT TRE REVToboggan Gel Pads help reduce pressureUlnar Forearm ProtectorsProvide anti-applied to radial and ulnar nerves. Fits all stylesshear protection for ulnar nerve and full forearm and sizes.while patients arms are tucked to the side. Sold SUP LAT PRO LIT FOW TRE REV 1 1 3 individually.164 "W x 84 "H x8 " thick 13"W x 18"L x14 " thickContoured Armboard PadsContoured938971TOBOGGAN GEL PAD 938103ULNAR FOREARM PROTECTORsurface provides greater body contact for improved pressure distribution. Ideal for upperProtects extremities and protection of biceps, elbow, andshoulders duringTREforearm areas, or anywhere an armboard is used.Trendelenburg Shoulder Support Pads protectContoured pads prevent arms from rolling. shoulder areas during Trendelenburg position. S: 512"W x 16"L x 2"H5 lbs.M: 534"W x 20"L x 214"H Useful when any leaning post needs protection.6 lbs. Hook-and-loop attachments. Sold in pairs.938970S 5"W x 6"H x 1" thick937973M 938973SHOULDER SUPPORT PAD, pr12 AliMed.com/positioners 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'