b'AliBlueGel PositionersUpper Extremity Positioners Surface OverlaysFull-LengthMultipurpose useMediumSUP LAT PRO TRE REVContoured Armboard PadsContoured SmallSUP LAT PRO FOW TRE REV surface provides greater body contact for improved pressure distribution. Ideal for upper Armboard Pads provide a flat layer of gel extremities and protection of biceps, elbow, and protection for biceps, elbow, and forearm areas.forearm areas, or anywhere an armboard is used. Multipurpose gel protection. Contoured Pads prevent arms from rolling. Foot SectionS: 4"W x 15"L x 14" thick0.6 lb.L: 4"W x 24"L x38 " thick 534"W x 214"HS: x 16"L4.7 lbs.M: 20"L5.5 lbs.1.5 lbs.Wide Long: 612"W x 24"L x38 " thick2 lbs.L: 24"L8 lbs. Torso Section960903 S 960900S Head Section960901 L 960899M960902 WIDE LONG 960920LSUP LAT PRO LIT FOW TRE REVSurface Overlays provide a 1/2"-thick layer of Sold100% viscoelastic gel protection to help reduce individually the risk of pressure injuries and skin shear during long procedures. Gel maintains shape, stretch, and shock-absorbing qualities. Choose One-Piece or Segmented styles.12" thickOne-Piece Surgical Surface Overlay: Full-Length: 20"W x 72"LMedium: 20"W x 46"LSmall: 20"W x 20"LSUP LAT TRE REV SUP LAT TRE REVSegmented Surgical Surface Overlay: Head: 20"W x 9"L Torso w/Cutout: 20"W x 3912"LFoot w/Cutout: 20"W x 20"L Ulnar Forearm Protectors provide anti- Ulnar Nerve Protectors allow access for shear protection for ulnar nerve and full forearmA-line and IV while protecting ulnar from nerve ONE-PIECE SURGICAL TABLE OVERLAYwhile patients arms are tucked to the side. and shear damage. Ideal for shorter procedures.960887 FULL-LENGTH 13"W x 18"L x 14" thickHook-and-loop closure2 lbs. 6"W x 15 78 "L x12 " thick1.4 lbs. 960879 MEDIUM 960914960913960889 SMALLSEGMENTED SURGICAL TABLE OVERLAY960890 HEAD SECTION SUP LAT PRO 960888 TORSO SECTION 960921 FOOT SECTIONMayo Stand PadsRecommended for hand procedures; turn a Mayo stand into a hand table. Also use in lateral to support arm and reduce risk of pressure and nerve damage.18 12 "W x 21"L x58 " thick7.9 lbs. Convert your960911 Mayo stand to a hand table12 AliMed.com/positioners 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'