b'PM: No Vac Pac & Surface Overlays, AliGel Pole Strap/Anklefor AliGel shown100% Gel PositionersAliGel Positioners remain an industry standard due to the pressure-relieving properties of a unique gel formula that mimics fatty tissue and moves with the patient to reduce shear and helpprevent pressure injuries. Additionally, AliGel absorbs shock, stretches, and retains its shape better than less dense gel positioners. AliGel is made of 100% dry viscoelastic polymers and includes an 18-month warranty against manufacturing defects.100% Viscoelastic Gel Easy to Clean Impervious to FluidsHead and Neck PositionersSUP LIT FOW TRE REVLAT PROHead Donuts protect the head, Adult, Std. neck, and ears. Offloads pressureHorseshoes protect face in lateral to from occipital protrusion to protect theoffload ocular pressure. Opening allows patient from pressure injuries and possibleAdult, High Adult, Std. access for intubation. Also use in prone with blindness. Hygienic Covers available patients head turned to side.(Adult only), see p. 16. Adult, High: 3"H x 8" diam.2.6 lbs.Adult, Std.: 1 34 "H x 8" diam.2.6 lbs.Pediatric: 1 34 "H x 5 12 " Adult, High Adult, WideITEM #DESCRIPTIONHO.D. I.D. LBS. diam.0.85 lb.Pedi/Neonate: 1"H x 4 12 " diam.95-118ADULT, STD. 134"8"3"3.1Pediatric Pedi/Neonate0.85 lb.Neonatal:34 "H x 3 34 " diam.0.25 lb938139ADULT, HIGH3"8"3"3.1938142ADULT, HIGHPediatric 938140ADULT,WIDE134"8"412"3.1 95-115ADULT, STD.95-126PEDIATRIC114"512"214"1 95-127PEDIATRIC938141PEDI/NEONATE1"412"2"1 938143PEDI/NEONATEPedi/Neonate Neonatal 95-124NEONATAL34"314"112" 0.25 Neonatal 95-125NEONATALSUP FOW TRE REV SUP FOW TRE REVIntubationOphthalmic Gel HeadrestsDeep centeringOphthalmic Cradles position head tubing access PROdish minimizes movement during consciouswith the face exposed. Recommended forProne Head Pads offload pressuresedation; provides access to ears, nose, and throat.cataract surgery, ENT, plastic surgery, and virtually alland have slots for ventilation tube insertion. Ideal for ophthalmic, oral, or facial procedures. ophthalmic cases.Recommended for use to maintain neutral position S: 12"W x 1012"L x 3 78 "H11 lbs.L: 12"W x 10"L x 2 78 "HAdult: 9"W x 9"L x 112"H6 lbs.Pediatric: 712"W x 812"L xduring prone procedures. Protects head and face.15 lbs. 214"H4 lbs. M: 834"W x 734"L x 434"H4.35 lbs.L: 10 58 "W x 9"L x 514"H 933001S 932448ADULT7.6 lbs.933000L 932449PEDIATRIC 931677M925815LSUP FOW TRE REV SUP LATContoured HeadrestsStabilize head whileForehead ProtectorsProtect infant, child, orLateral Head PadsIdeal for pressureproviding easy access to face and top ofadult patients forehead from pressure exertedreduction during longer procedures. Also usecranium. Also use to position and protect knee or by oxygen tubes. Semicircular with flat bottom. 24/cs.to protect extremities. calf from pressure.1 58 "W x 2 12 "L x58 "H9"W x 10"L x 1"H8 lbs.7"W x 7"L x 314"H112" contour4.7 lbs. 93814495-938 930137 4 AliMed.com/positioners 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'