b'FREEDOMGelEconomical Gel Protection FREEDOMGel Positioners have all the viscoelastic, pressure-relieving properties of other gel positioners, but at a budget-friendly price. The water-basedFREEDOMGel surface moves with the patient to reduce shear and redistribute pressure to help prevent pressure injuries. Choose from a range of shapes and sizes for the patient protection and surgical access you need. Includes a three-month warranty against manufacturing defects.100% Water-Based Gel Easy to Clean Impervious to FluidsHead and Neck PositionersAdult, High Adult, Std. Adult, HighAdult, Std.Neonatal Pediatric NeonatalSUP PRO FOWSUP LIT FOW TRE REV Pediatric LAT PRORichard-Type HeadrestsRecommended Head DonutsProtect the head, neck, HorseshoesProtect face in lateral to offloadfor positioning the head while accommodating and ears. Offloads pressure from occipitalocular pressure. Opening allows access foreyes, ears, nose, mouth, and occipital prominence. protrusion to protect the patient from pressure ntubation. Also use in prone with patients headCutout neutralizes risk for ocular pressure and nasal iinjuries and possible blindness. Hygienic Cover forturned to side. constraint and allows patients to breathe freely. infection control sold separately below. FAX800.437.2966 Adult, Std.: 134"H x 8" diam.3 lbs.Adult, High: 3"H x Contoured edges cover a larger surface area for Adult, Std.: 134"H x 8" diam.3 lbs.Adult, High: 3"H x 8" diam.2.6 lbs.Pediatric: 134"H x 512" diam.0.85 lb. greater pressure distribution. Also use for lower 8" diam.3.1 lbs.Pediatric: 114"H x 512" diam.1 lb.Neonatal: 34"H x 334" diam.0.25 lb. extremity positioning, including for heel and calf. Neonatal: 34"H x 314" diam.0.25 lb.931842ADULT, STD. 7 1 / 4 "W x 8"L x 3 3 / 4 "H 931841ADULT, STD. 938975ADULT, HIGH 938976RICHARD-TYPE HEADREST938974ADULT, HIGH 931844PEDIATRIC931843PEDIATRIC 937972NEONATAL 937971888.625.4633AliMed.com NEONATAL 937280* HYGIENIC COVER, 100/pk*Fits Adult Donuts only.PROSUP SUP FOW TRE REV Prone Head PadsOffload pressure andContoured HeadrestsStabilize head Ophthalmic Gel HeadrestsDeep centeringhave slots for ventilation tube insertion. while providing easy access to face and top ofdish minimizes movement during consciousRecommended for use to maintain neutral position during prone procedures. Protects head and face. cranium. Also use to position and protect knee or calfsedation. Provides access to ears, nose, and throat.5from pressure. Ideal for ophthalmic, oral, or facial procedures. Adult: 108 "W x 9"L x 514"H7.6 lbs.Pediatric: 834"W x 7"W x 7"L x 3 "H6 lbs. 12"W x 10"L x 2 78 "H15 lbs. 734"L x 434"H4.35 lbs.18 938107ADULT937974 CONTOURED HEADREST 938977OPHTHALMIC GEL HEADREST 938106PEDIATRIC10 AliMed.com/positioners 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'