b'Pediatric PositionersDesigned for Your Smallest PatientsInfants and children have unique needs during surgery, imaging, and other procedures due to their smaller size and more delicate skin. Thats why AliMed offers a wide range of Pediatric Positioners sized correctlynot just a smaller sizeand specifically designed for delicate skin and body parts. Available in a variety of materials from single-use foam to various gels for pressure redistribution.AliLite PediatricUp to 50% lighter than gel-only positioners SandbagsOpening offloads ocular areaSUP LIT FOW TRE REV LAT PROAliLite Head Donuts protect the head,AliLite Horseshoes support patients face in neck, and ears. Offloads occipital protrusion toa lateral position to offload ocular pressure. protect the patient from pressure injuries and possibleOpening allows access for intubation. Also use for blindness. Also use in prone toprotect knees. prone positioning with patients head turned to side.134"H x 512" diam.Lightweight gel-topped foam 1 14 "H x 5 12 " diam.Lightweight gel-topped foam Nonskid bottom0.65 lb.Nonskid bottom0.55 lb.931556931554Pediatric Sandbags accommodate the needs of your pediatric population with smaller and lighter bags. Standard sand and AliSand. Sold individually or as a set of 4. Pediatric Sandbag Set: Includes one of each: 1 12lbs.,Safe positioning5 12 "W x 12"L (filled with lightweight AliSand); 2 lbs.,for patients with4"W x 9"L; 5 lbs., 7"W x 9"L; 7 lbs., 6"W x 16"Lrespiratory tubesBlack Naugahyde coversSUP PRO936927PEDIATRIC SANDBAG SET, set of 4AliLite Supine HeadrestsErgonomically93697811/2 lbs, eashaped to position head for eye surgery andAliLite Prone HeadrestsDesigned 9369822 lbs, eaother supine procedures to help protect againstto position a childs head comfortably with9369835 lbs, eapressure injuries. Stabilizes head while providing easyrespiratory tubes in place. Excellent support, stability,9369867 lbs, eaaccess to face and top of cranium. and protection.9"W x 1034"L x 212"HLightweight gel-topped foam 7 12 "W x 9"L x 5"HLightweight gel-topped foam Nonskid bottom3.0 lbs.Nonskid bottom6.95 lbs.937884931697 AliBlueGelPremium gel, economical priceSUP LIT FOW TRE REVAliBlue Head Donuts stabilize and protect patients head while allowing easy access to surgical sites of head and neck.1 14 "H x 512" diam.1 lb. 960881 SUP LAT PRO LITLAT PRO AliBlue Chest RollsIdeal for a variety of AliBlue HorseshoesDesigned forpositions and procedures. Place under torso to childrens anatomy to offload ocular pressureallow for chest expansion or under feet to protect in lateral. Access for intubation. Also use in pronefrom possible nerve damage in prone. Also used in with childs head turned to side. supine under knees and lateral on each side of 114"H x 512" diam.0.85 lb.patient to maintain position.96089512"L x 3"H x 3"W diam.2 lb. 960898 22 AliMed .com/ positioners 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed .com'