b'AliLite Up to 50% Lighter than gel-only positionersAliLite Positioners are precontoured to reduce pressure by distributing weight over a larger surface area. Up to 50% lighter than comparable gel-only products, AliLite Positioners are easier to handle, impervious to fluids, naturally bacteriostatic, and feature a stable, nonskid base. AliLite gel is made of dry viscoelastic polymers and includes a 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects.Lightweight Foam Core Precontoured Impervious to Fluids Easy to Clean Bacteriostatic SurfaceHead and Neck Positioners Body PositionersOpening offloads ocular area LAT PRO SUP LIT FOW TRE REV SUP LAT PRO LIT FOW TRE REVHorseshoes support patients face in a lateralHead Donuts protect the head, neck, andSurgical Surface OverlaysUnique34 "-thick position to offload ocular pressure. Openingears. Offloads occipital protrusion to protect thefoam base and gel top is ideal for all surgical allows access for intubation. Also use for pronepatient from pressure injuries and possible blindness.procedures. Ultra-lightweight for easy carrying and positioning with patients head turned to side. Also use in prone to p rotect knees. manipulation by O.R. staff. Optional Fitted Overlay Adult: 214"H x 734" diam.1.4 lbs.Pediatric: 1 14 "H x Adult: 214"H x 734" diam.1.45 lbs.Pediatric: 1 14 "H x Cover for Short model reduces the risk of cross-512" diam.0.55 lb. 512" diam.0.65 lb. contamination (925807, available at AliMed.com).931553ADULT 931555ADULT Short: 20"W x 20"L x 34"H4 lbs.Medium: 20"W931554PEDIATRIC 931556PEDIATRIC x 45"L x 34"H10 lbs.937280* HYGIENIC COVER, 100/pk 931872SHORT*Fits Adult Donuts only. 937880MEDIUMSafe positioning for patients with respiratory tubes PRO SUP LATProne Headrests position patients head Supine HeadrestsErgonomically shaped toLateral Positioners permit a safe, quick, and comfortably with respiratory tubes in place.position head for eye surgery and other supineeasy transition from supine to lateral. Designed Unique design provides excellent support, procedures to help protect against pressure injuries.to provide exceptional comfort and nerve protection. stability, and protection during surgery in prone.Stabilizes head while providing easy access to faceBuilt-in headrest and auxiliary support offloads Adult: 9"W x 11"L x 6"H7.4 lbs.Pediatric: 712"W x 9"L xand top of cranium. shoulder and assists in proper spinal alignment and 5"H6.95 lbs. Adult: 9 14 "W x 1034"L x 312"H6.2 lbs.Pediatric: 9"W xsurgical site access. 931696ADULT 1034"L x 212"H3.0 lbs.19"W x 28"LTapers 5"-1"H8.45 lbs.931697PEDIATRIC 931874ADULT 931875 937884PEDIATRIC8 AliMed.com/positioners 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'