b'Positioning SetsSingle-Use Foam Positioning SetsSpecialty Positioning Sets include all the necessary positioning components in one convenient kit, saving O.R. setup and cleanup time. Made of economical Polyfoarm, these single-use sets help reduce the risk of cross-contamination between procedures while ensuring patients are properly and consistently positioned during any surgical procedure using specialty O.R. tables, such as Jackson, Wilson, or Andrews. Vacuum-sealed to reduce storage. Not made with natural rubber latex.Jackson Table PRO Wilson Frame PRO Andrews Table PROA. B. A. B. A. B.C.C.C. D.D.E.E.F. G.Components:A.Drape ProtectorB.Pad Sleeve Covers (2) Components:Components: C.Bar ProtectorA.D.Chest CoverD.AliSoft Head Positioner AliSoftA.Head Positioner E.Thigh StrapArm Cradles (2) E.Arm Cradles (2)B.Chest PillowB.Knee Pads F. 925938BASIC (A-C ONLY), 6 sets/cs Arm Cradles (2)C.Hip and Thigh Pad Covers (4)925937ECONOMY (A-D ONLY), 6 sets/cs C.Seat Cover G.Heel Protectors (2)925936JACKSON TABLE SET, 6 sets/cs 925939STANDARD (ALL), 6 sets/cs 925940ANDREWS TABLE SET, 6 sets/csBasicProne Gel Positioning SetsSelect AliGel Prone Positioning Sets PRO AliLite Prone Positioning Sets PROSupineFAX800.437.2966Prone Basic A. A.A. B. C. D. Lateral Prone A. B. C. D. E.C. AliMed.com 888.625.4633Supine Select SupineCardiovascular Prone Cardiovascular E.B. LateralC. B. D.Supine D.A.Prone Head Pad C.Chest Rolls, pr A.Prone Headrest, Adult D. Knee Support, LargeB.Armboard Pads, Large, pr D.Dome Positioner B.Armboard Pads, Contoured Long, prE.Heel Pads, prC. Prone Positioner, Full Body Cardiovascular Cardiovascular937919 ALIGEL PRONE POSITIONING SET 937921 ALILITE PRONE POSITIONING SETPositioning Sets available in more materials and styles at AliMed.com/positionerscustomerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/positioners 19'