b'For our full line of Pediatric products, visit AliMed .com /pediatricsAliGel The industry standard for pressure redistributionAliGel Isolettes/Bassinet PadsSUP 3"HIdeal for gentle pressureSUP LAT PRO LIT 2"Hrelief and shear reduction forAliGel Chest RollsIdeal for a variety of2"W x 2"H3"W x 3"Hpediatric and neonatalpositions and procedures. Place under torso to patients.LENGTHITEM #WEIGHTITEM #WEIGHT26"L x12 " thick100% gel allow for chest expansion or under feet to protect6"9217990.9 lb9258232 lbsfrom possible nerve damage in prone. Also used in 92579412"W supine under knees and lateral on each side of patient8"9258201 lb 9258242 lbs 92579616"W to maintain position. 10"9258211 lb 9258253 lbs100% gel 12"9258222 lbs 9258264 lbsSUP LIT FOW TRE REVAliGel Head Donuts stabilize and protect patients head while allowing easy access toPediatric Pedi/Neonate NeonatalSUP surgical sites of head and neck.100% gelPediatric: 1 14 "H x 512" diam.1 lb.Pedi/ 95-126PEDIATRICAliGel Forehead Protectors protectNeonate: 1"H x 412" diam.0.25 lb.Neonatal:34 "H x 314"938141PEDI/NEONATEpediatric patients forehead from pressure95-124NEONATALdiam.0.25 lb. exerted by oxygen tubes. Semicircular with flat bottom. 24/cs.1 58 "W x 212"L x58 "H100% gel LAT PRO938144 AliGel HorseshoesDesigned for childrens anatomy to offload ocular pressure in lateral. Access for intubation. Also use in prone with childs head turned to side. Pediatric Pedi/Neonate Neonatal100% gelPediatric: 134"H x 512" diam.0.85 lb. 95-127PEDIATRICChest Pedi/Neonate: 1"H x 4 12 " diam.0.85 lb. 938143PEDI/NEONATERollsNeonatal:34 "H x 334" diam.0.25 lb. 95-125NEONATALEconomical Single-Use Foam PositionersHorseshoeRectangular Padwith indented channel for chest expansionCombined set SUPAliGel Pediatric Positioning Sets containSUP LIT FOW TRE REV SUP LIT FOW TRE REVone Rectangular Pad with indented channel to allow for chest expansion, one pediatric Horseshoe,Head Donuts protect the head, neck, andHead DiscsIdeal for use during shorter and two Chest Rolls. ears. Offloads pressure from occipital protrusionprocedures. Provides balanced pressure to protect the patient from pressure injuries anddistribution to back of head for added patient safety. 100% gelRectangular Pad: 9"W x 20"L x 2"HHorseshoe: 5 12 " diam.Chest Rolls: 2"H; 2"W x 10"L,possible blindness. 36/cs. Colors may vary.3"W x 10"L112"H x 6" diam.Polyfoam1 12 "H x 6" diam.Polyfoam92579595-54691-413 Position Guide: SUP Supine LAT Lateral PRO Prone LIT Lithotomy FOW Fowlers TRE Trendelenburg REV Reverse Trendelenburgcustomerservice@AliMed .com 800.225.2610 AliMed .com /positioners 23'