b'Protecta-CoatPositionersUpper Extremity PositionersSUP LAT LIT TREPROFOWUlnar PadsPlace under arm to protect ulnar nerve. Convoluted foam promotes air circulation and minimizes moisture buildup. Also use under knees when patient is in prone position. Use for supine, lateral, prone, lithotomy, Fowlers, and Trendelenburg positions. Sold in pairs.812"W x 1714"L924986 Lower Extremity PositionersSUPKnee BolstersShaped to fit under the knees at just the right grade to alleviate pressure on the back in supine. Also improves access to knees and provides gradual slope for better support for back and thighs. For use in MRI, CT, and to maintain patient comfort during procedures.SUP PRO FOWStandard, Small: 21"W x 7 14 "H x 12 12 "DStandard, Tall: 21"W x 10"H x 12 12 "DDeluxe: 16"W x 7 12 "H x 24"DDeluxe, Wide:Flat Bottom RollsSemi-circular design is 20"W x 7 12 "H x 24"D Std., Small Std., Tall ideal for lower body support. Provides pressure 937334STANDARD, SMALL protection under knees while patient is in supine 937335STANDARD, TALL position. Also helps prevent nerve damage and 937339DELUXE (NOT SHOWN) footdrop for patients in prone when placed under feet. 937333DELUXE, WIDE Use under the metatarsal or foot, against the board, or in the Semi-Fowlers position.8 12 "W x 14"L x 414"HDeluxe, Wide 924960 SUP LAT SUP SUPRollsUse under knees to alleviate pressure onHeel and Knee SupportsRecommendedHeel and Knee Blocks provide balanced spine and improve comfort. Also use to preventfor lower body support and positioning of heelspressure distribution and support for heels and knees from hyperextension. Can also be placed underand knees. knees. Also recommended as head and neck support ankles to protect heels.7"W x 1034"L x 6"H for full access to top of cranium, eyes, and nose. S: 23 12 "L x 6" diamL: 2512"L x 812" diam 92495812"W x 10"L x 612"H924961S 936052 924962L Position Guide: SUP Supine LAT Lateral PRO Prone LIT Lithotomy FOW Fowlers TRE Trendelenburg REV Reverse Trendelenburg18 AliMed .com/ positioners 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed .com'