b'ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGn Comfort grip, full-featuredD. AliReach Plus ReachersErgonomicClaw Reacherscomfy grip handle with hooked trigger provides a secure grip without straining finger or wrist. Gripping jaw makes it easier to lift heavier orOffer the most versatility for general use more delicate objects. Magnetic tip on jaw front helps retrieve small metal items. Stick clip allowsOVERALLattachment to a walking aid. Available in FoldingHEADLENGTH OPTIONSHANDLEmodel for easy travel and storage.26"L or 32"LHolds up to 4 lbs.3" jaw openingDressingD. Ergonomic handle postLifetime guaranteeHandle/Jaw: Blue/Black MagneticDressing Post Stick clip prevents wrist strain ITEM #LENGTHQTYPRICE tip 26"L OR 32"LALIREACH PLUS REACHER Hooked #8317126"ea$28.25 ea 3" span trigger#831710526"5/cs$114.50 cs ($22.90 ea)#8317232"ea$30.75 ea#831720532"5/cs$128.92 cs ($25.78 ea) REACHERS ALIREACH PLUS FOLDING REACHER#8317326"ea$31.75 ea#831730526"5/cs$144.65 cs ($28.93 ea) Plus Folding #8317432"ea$34.75 ea#831740532"5/cs$143.58 cs ($28.72 ea)California residents, see left page. Choose the Folding model for easy travel and storagen Nonslip grip, dressing postE. AliReach Standard ReachersClassic, lightweight claw reacher helps grasp items from hard-to-reach places without bending over.E.Nonslip handle with standard trigger pull. Sturdy,MagneticDressing Post Nonslip handleinterlocking plastic jaw is perfect for lifting heaviertip 26"L OR 32"Lobjects, while magnetic tip on jaw front helps to lift smaller metal items. Available in two lengths. 3"Standard 26"L or 32"LHolds up to 4 lbs.3" jaw opening span trigger Dressing postLifetime guaranteeHandle/Jaw: Black BEST ITEM #LENGTHQTYPRICE SELLER!#8316926"ea$21.00 ea#831690526"5/cs$92.97 cs ($18.59 ea)#831692526"25/cs$377.21 cs ($15.09 ea)#8317032"ea$22.00 ea#831700532"5/cs$96.34 cs ($19.27 ea)#831702532"25/cs$450.24 cs ($18.01 ea) F.California residents, see left page. Drag lug Standard handleFAX800.437.2966n Economical yet strong 26"L OR 32"LF. Economy Reachers have a claw jaw2" with easy-close trigger handle. Drag lug helpsspanpull heavier objects to the user, and magnetic tip helps with metallic objects. Lightweight aluminumshaft with plastic parts.AliMed.com 800.225.261026"L or 32" LHolds up to 4 lbs.2" jaw openingDrag lug6-month warrantyHandle/Jaw: Black/Yellow ITEM #LENGTHWT.QTYPRICE#8234126"6 ozea$15.25 ea#8234432"6.6 ozea$15.25 ea G.California residents, see left page. Smaller trigger for 15"L small handsn Only 15" longG. Pediatric ReachersLength and trigger suited for smaller hands and limbs. Claw-type jaw.3" Lightweight. span15"L w/hang-up hole3.6 oz.3" jaw openingPlastic and plastic-coated aluminum12-mo. warrantyGreen ITEM #LENGTHWT.PRICE#8188715"3.6 oz$49.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.76'