b'AliMedONE Simple, economical fullroom coverage for smarter fall safetyFALL MANAGEMENT Wireless Fall Monitoring System3 No Wires! No Tripping! 3 Faster, easier room setup!The all NEW AliMed ONE Wireless Fall Monitoring System has no messy wires or cords to manageeverand operates from just a single central Alarm Base for faster, easier room setup. Easily configurable with the ability to manage up to six compatible wireless monitoring devices plus a Hall Alert with audible and visual hallway prompts for quicker responsiveness, the AliMed ONE System offers a comprehensive and smarter approach to fall management.ALIMED ONEWIRELESS FALL SYSTEM Sensor PadsSingle-patient-use, pressure-sensitive pads are effective for dependable all-day monitoring in a Chair or Bed, orfor security and privacy during Toileting. Each sensor pad requires a Sensor Pad Transmitter.Sensor Pad TransmitterFAX800.437.2966Sensor Pad 800.225.2610AliMed.com TransmitterConnects to any compatible Sensor Pad (see above, right) for EZ wireless pairing with the Alarm Base.One transmitter required per Sensor Pad. Pairs directly with Alarm Base.Sensor Pad Transmitter2'