b'Safe drinking for the dysphagia patientACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGStrawsSafeStraw Reusable straw holder assists with oral motor control of liquid bolus by using a smallHelps fluid chamber with a one-way valve and a floatprevent to regulate how much fluid is sucked throughaspirationthe straw at once, helping to prevent aspiration or choking. Once suck is stopped, float sinks toor chokingthe bottom and is ready to deliver more liquid.Includes 12 single-use drinking straws (or use with any " drinking straw). Fits a variety of drinking containers such as cups and bottles. Use thin White SafeStraw with thin liquids and thick Blue SafeStraw with nectar-thickened fluids. Great forFluid chamber with post-intubation therapy. 12/bx. one-way valve and n Secure sipping Reusable with single-client useDishwasher-safe "float" controls #83007WHITE$141.75 bx liquidTHICKENING AGENTSSTRAWSStraw Clips help secure straw to cup. 12/pk. #83008BLUE$141.75 bx#82472$15.75 pk #830096 WHITE/6 BLUE$141.75 bx California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Create an account at n Bendable, cut to lengthAliMed. com Reusable Drinking StrawsPlexiglas straws bend with a heat gun. Cut to desired length. 5/pk. 18"L x14 " diam.4View your order status and invoices #8138$21.00 pkCalifornia residents, see left page.4See your contract pricing 4Manage your account and sub-users4Access wish lists and recommendationsThickenersImproved! FAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com 800.225.2610HoneyNectar nWon\'t lump or change taste or appearance of foodnSingle-use packages Diafoods Thick-ItA low-sodium, cornstarch-based powder used to alter food and liquid consistency for clients with dysphagia. Dissolves instantly. SimplyThick EasyMix Gel ThickenersImproved gel makes thickeningWon\'t lump, change taste or appearance of food, or bind water or fluids. beverages easy and simplejust add to hot or cold beverages and stir with aOriginal Thick-It provides moderate thickening. Thick-It 2 is a double-spoon. No clumpingalways the same consistency. Adds no taste.thickening formula that is concentrated so less can be used, resulting in fewer Nectar comes in 0.2 oz. packetsHoney comes in 0.4 oz. packetsMix with 4 oz. ofcalories and carbs. Better for diabetics or weight control. 12/cs.liquidNot for use with infants 10-oz. cansGluten-free#83423NECTAR, 200/cs$94.87 cs (47 ea) #8815ORIGINAL$143.50 cs ($11.96 ea) #83424HONEY, 100/cs$93.25 cs (93 ea) #80173THICK-IT 2$240.77 cs ($20.06 ea) California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 2127'