b'Assistive ComputingReading and Writing Aids ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGWriting Aids Assistive ComputingnUnrestricted comfort and supportErgoRest Articulating Arm Supports offer comfortable arm, shoulder, and neck support without restricting motion. Reduces stressful movements, assisting patients with upper body weakness. Includes clamps for work surfaces up to 1 58 " thick and provides 17" of reach and 3" of vertical adjustment.No restriction of motionMouse Pad (sold separately, below) mounts to your existing ErgoRest and offers two pivot points for maximum flexibility. 9" x 7 12 " oval mousing area.n Gliding action good for limited strength 1#73101w/STANDARD ARM PAD, 5 8 "L$162.75 eaSTA-Pen Writers glide along the paper to#73102w/LONG ARM PAD, 77 8 "L$178.25 ea facilitate writing for people with limited hand#710124w/EXTENDED HEIGHT, STANDARD #73103MOUSE PAD$51.50 ea strength or control. Grasps like an ordinary pen.ARM PAD, 51 8 "L$173.47 ea#73104*WIDE CLAMP FOR ARM SUPPORT$28.50 eaASSISTIVE COMPUTINGREADING & WRITING AIDSUses standard refills. #710125w/EXTENDED HEIGHT, LONG *Wide clamps attach to work surfaces up to 21 2 " thick. #80865$19.00 ea ARM PAD, 77 8 "L$179.97 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.Scroll ringAllows unobstructed view of keyboardnUse with any Mac or PC n Padded typing aidExpert Mouse 5.0 has a large trackball, preciseClear View Typing Aids* fit securely and n Adjustable diameter control, and smooth movement. Now optical withoffer an unobstructed view of the keyboard. Weighted Universal Holders slip onto pens,scroll ring and wrist rest. Move ball with palm orPadding protects hands. Can be used by those with pencils, markers, paint brushes, and more.hand in an open, relaxed position. Space-savingfinger contractures that interfere with devices worn footprint. on palmar surface of hand. Easily adjusts to t. Diameter is variable from18 " to716 "Comes with AllenUSBCompatible with Mac and PCMouse: 10"W x#8661LEFT$22.00 ea wrench for adjustment934"L x 31/2"HWrist support: 41/2"W x 534"L #8662RIGHT$22.00 ea #80867$30.75 ea #77920$157.86 ea *Developed by S. OLeary, M.S., OTR, Department California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. of Veterans Affairs, Spinal Cord InjuryService,Palo Alto, CA. California residents, see left page.Reading Aids FAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Read while lying flat n Holds book or magazine at reading angle n Stand eliminates head tiltDeluxe Prism Glasses allow user toRobert\'s Book Holders hold nearly any sizeRead/Write Stands reduce fatigue by comforta bly read while lying at. Ophthal micor thickness of book or magazine at reading angle.eliminating head tilt. Lessens glare on paper crown glass prisms show half a page. Will t overStrong plastic. Two adjustable pegs prevent pageswith two angles of adjustment25 and 30. 1" corrective lenses.from flipping, yet allow for easy page turning. Foldsacrylic lip holds papers, thick books, etc. Easily Case included flat to 71/2"W x 14"H x716 "D. 2 lbs.removes from desk when not in use. #8497$112.00 ea #8752$30.75 ea 19 58 "W x 11 34 "LCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. #73746$57.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.931'