b'Specialty Rollators MOBILITY AIDSPneumatic Institutional Pneumatic Home model modelnU-shaped basefor stabilization n Cardiac walkerperfect for post-opU-Step II Walking Stabilizers help eliminateEva Support Walkers Best for post-opfall risk for patients with neurological conditions,patients early walking exercises, available in providing greater stability, maneuverability, andPneumatic and Electric versions for home and control compared to traditional walkers. Uniqueinstitutional use. Height-adjustable with easy-to-SPECIALTY ROLLATORSU-shaped base stabilizes and braces patient inrelease level mechanism. Non-marring casters have every direction from falling. Reversed brakingrear step-on wheel locks. Heavy-duty padded and HOME EVA WALKERsystem keeps unit immobile until brake handlesmolded armrests for upper body support can be are squeezed, allowing full mobility, while rollingremoved and sanitized. Forward-facing handgrips#74717PNEUMATIC$1,415.46 earesistance mechanism enables patient to controloffer a comfortable, ergonomic grip. Optional#713058PNEUMATIC w/DIRECTIONAL CASTERS speed. Spring-loaded front wheel glides easily overDirectional Casters can be locked to hold a straight$1,752.32 eauneven surfaces. 23"W frame with tight turningline. Electric versions feature a pendant control that INSTITUTIONAL EVA WALKERradius for narrow spaces. Optional Laser/Soundassists the user to a standing position. Includes 2#713054PNEUMATIC $1,612.11 eaCueing Module helps normalize walking andrechargeable batteries and a 110V charger. Home#713055PNEUMATIC w/DIRECTIONAL CASTERS increase stride. models are narrow for average doors and hallways;$1,752.32 ea23"W x 25"L22"H from floor to seatTurning circle:Institutional models fit wider entrances. #713056ELECTRIC $4,613.43 ea29"Padded seat: 19"W x 8"DFolded: 42"W x 25"L xAdjustable height: 3512"-5114"HAdjustable width#713057ELECTRIC w/DIRECTIONAL CASTERS 16"HHeight adjustment range: accommodates patientsbetween armrests: 12"-19"Armrest: 612"W x 1712"L$4,817.70 ea4\'10"-6\'2"Tubular steel and aluminum355-lb. capacity Welded steel frameAccommodates users up to 6\'5" tallAdditional shipping charges may apply. 21 lbs.330-lb. capacityHome: Overall width: 2634" (front), 28"California residents, see left page.#712902U-STEP II$744.85 ea (rear)Base width: 19" (middle), 2314" (rear)Institutional: #712903CUEING MODULE$318.56 ea Overall width: 2634" (front), 3112" (rear)Base width: 19" California residents, see left page.(middle), 2714" (rear)Suggested code: E0147Eva Walker Accessories at AliMed.comn Upper body support Alpha AdvancedAlpha Basic FAX800.437.2966Cushioned brakeLooped brake handleAlpha Rollators address the needs of handle on ball jointVersatile design cananyone who cannot use a standard hand be used as rollatorgrip or brake handle due to conditions or chair so patientthat limit hand or wrist movement. The can stand or sit forearm pads provide support from elbow to wrist, and a variety of adjustmentscan be made for angle, height, and AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Rollator/distance to the pads and brake handles. transport chair in one The seat allows users to sit and rest when necessary. Alpha Basic has looped brake The Duet can be used as a rollator or transporthandles turned vertically. Alpha Advanced has a chair. Two-position padded backrest is reversiblecushioned brake handle on a ball joint. Braking can for either ambulation or transportation. Loop locksbe accomplished by pushing or pulling, depending offer easy release. Locking flip-up armrest and flip- on the joint setting. down footrest to aid in transportation. Large under- 25 12 "W x 27 12 "LSeat: 14"W x 24 12 "H x 7"DAdjustable seat pouch for storage. handle height: 37 12 "-47"17"W between handles8" 25 12 "W x 26"L x 37"HSeat height: 21"HSeat: 13 12 "Windoor/outdoor wheelsWelded steel frameFolds for x 13"DHandle height adjusts: 31 12 "-37"8" wheelstransportCurb climber275-lb. capacityMetallic Blue 19 lbs.300-lb. capacity #79933ALPHA BASIC$875.00 ea#711071$265.75 ea #79932ALPHA ADVANCED$875.00 eaSpecify Blue, Black, or Burgundy.Additional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.SPECIALTY WALKERSPP. 50, 51 49'