b'Reclining Shower CommodesBATHING AND TOILETINGEasy cleanup and infection controln Tilts for additional access StandardHealthline EZee Life Aluminum Tilt Shower CommodesRust-free aluminum frame tilts (0-20 post; 0-10 ant.) for greater access and maneuverability. Adjustableheadrests and footrests; footrests are removable. Soft cushion with removable insert for toileting or showering. Includes removable slide-on pail, flip-back arms, calf strap, molded handrims, seat belt, removable snap-on seat,Self-PropelledRECLINING SHOWER COMMODESand anti-tippers. Self-Propelled models have large 24" rear wheels.Seat depth: 17"Back height: 18"Tool-free STANDARD (4) 5" LOCKING CASTERSadjustment7-qt. pail included1-year warranty #71340118"W SEAT$1,052.74 eaToss out like Standard: Overall: 40"L(4) 5" maintenance-free#71353320"W SEAT$1,140.43 eaadult diaper locking casters18"W Seat: Overall width: 22"300-lb. capacity20"W Seat: Overall width: 24" SELF-PROPELLED 24" REAR WHEELS 325-lb. capacitySelf-Propelled: Overall: 45"L#71340218"W SEAT$1,428.91 ea (2) front 5" maintenance-free locking casters#71353420"W SEAT$1,472.53 ea 18"W Seat: Overall width: 26"300-lb. capacityAdditional shipping charges may apply.20"W Seat: Overall width: 28"325-lb. capacity California residents, see left page.THE SANI-BAG+ Commode Liners with Adhesive Tape help reduce the spread of infection. Waste is immediatelynAdjustable tilt accommodates patients gelled and odor-neutralized. Liners good for three to five uses. with poor trunk control18" diameter24-oz. capacity Reclining PVC Shower CommodesFor #7971212/pk$31.75 pk patients with limited trunk control and balance. Easier #7971324/pk$59.25 pk to maneuver than shower gurneys, these commodes allow patients to be more active during self-care. #79714100/pk$242.75 pk Five-position backrest and five-position padded leg #79715200/pk$412.00 pk rest. Safety push bar prevents the back from reclining Additional shipping charges may apply.excessively. Safety belt included. Commode Pail not California residents, see left page. included; must be purchased separately below. 24"W x 541/2"H x 391/2"D21"W between armsSeat height: 23 12 "Four 4" casters (2 locking)Sliding footrest300-lb. capacityMauve FAX800.437.2966Now with#77267SHOWER COMMODE$531.00 eaHandle Ties #772667-QT. COMMODE PAIL$47.16 ea Footrest slides under#72271*PAIL AND RAIL SETUP$36.75 ea seat when not in use#77265**SLIDING FOOTREST$75.00 ea*Only order if Standard Model was originally purchased without optional Commode Pail or rail installed. **Must be ordered at time of purchase.Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.AliMed.com 800.225.2610n High weight capacityBariatric Reclining Shower CommodesTHE SANI-BAG+ Commode LinersFive-position backrest and leg rest. Includes with Handle Ties safety belt.18" diameter24-oz. capacity Overall: 24"W x 54 12 "H x 39 12 "DWidth between arms: 21"Seat height: 23 12 "4" non-rust casters (2 locking)#71395512/pk$27.33 pkIncludes footrest7-qt. pail included450-lb. capacity#71395624/pk$51.25 pk #72266$761.50 ea#713957100/pk$186.67 pk Specify Blue or Mauve (not shown).#713958200/pk$314.14 pk Additional shipping charges may apply. Additional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.4545'