b'Raised Toilet Seats BATHING AND TOILETINGCorrosion-free, twist-and-lock6"Hholding mechanism4"H4 12 "H2"Hn Choose your heightTall-Ette IIHigh-back, contoured seat with an open front for improved drainage. Recessed handn Soft for comfort, skin protectiongrip on front edge. Secures to most toilets with special Lok-In-El bracket. Standard, compatibleContact Plus Soft Toilet Seats assist those with most round toilets. with weakness, limited ROM, or skin issues by raising the height and cushioning the buttocks.RAISED TOILET SEATS Overall: 151/2"W x 16"LInside opening: 8"W x 10"L Overall: 14 12 "W x 16"LInside opening: 8"W x 10"L 3.5 lbs.250-lb. capacity 4 12 "HMolded PVC330-lb. capacityRaised Toilet Seats with Armrests #8537 ELEVATED 2"H$56.51 ea #71006$127.26 eaTwist-and-hold locking mechanism. Plastic will#8229 ELEVATED 4"H$61.50 ea California residents, see below.not corrode. Padded armrests assist with sitting#8230 ELEVATED 6"H$65.00 eaand standing. No tools needed.California residents, see below.2034"W x 16"LSeat ht. above rim: 4"Between armrests: 16"WOpening dimensions: 61/2"W x 91/2"L7.5 lbs.300-lb. capacity n Open or closed front#7350$64.75 ea Basic Elevated Toilet SeatsElevate toilet Additional shipping charges may apply.seat by 3". Easy, tool-free installation. Fit standard California residents, see below. or elongated toilets. Open front allows easy access for hygiene; Closed model includes filler piece to convert to open from closed front.Closed350-lb. capacityOpen#712206OPEN$26.75 ea#712207CLOSED$37.25 eaBilateral California residents, see below.Raises and lowers for easier cleaningRight Hip FAX800.437.2966 modelRaise and lower, using a standard toilet seat and n Safeguard hips cover800.225.2610AliMed.com TotalHipReplacement Toilet Seats elevaten Open front for easy hygiene4" and prevent internal rotation and adduction.Hinged Secure-Bolt When the user sits, the hips are maintained at aElevated Toilet Seats secure safe angle of extension and abduction. to toilet (using existing bolts) 3.3 lbs.300-lb. capacityStandard: Overall: 14"W xn Economical and secure for a safer, more permanent 171/2"LInside opening: 91/2"W x 11"LElongated:attachment. Seat can be lifted/Overall: 1434"W x 191/2"LInside opening: 9"W x 13"LHinged Elevated Toilet SeatsRing can belowered for easy cleaning. CanSTANDARD lifted like a standard toilet seat. Permanentlybe used with regular seat/lid to installs. Two-piece. Elevates seat 3". Hardware kitmaintain comfortable look andSafer attachment#8335BILATERAL$61.50 ea included. feel. Open front for easy hygiene #712672LEFT HIP$70.00 ea accesscan be closed with filler piece (included). #712674RIGHT HIP$70.25 ea 3.3 lbs.300-lb. capacityStandard: Overall: 14"W xELONGATED 171/2"LInside opening: 91/2"W x 11"LElongated:3"HInside opening: 8"W x 10"L600-lb. capacity #70528BILATERAL$61.50 ea Overall: 1434"W x 191/2"LInside opening: 934"W x 13"LStandard: 15"W x 19"LElongated: 16"W x 22"L #712673LEFT HIP$68.00 ea #80593STANDARD$88.50 ea #712208STANDARD$166.00 ea#712675RIGHT HIP$70.25 ea #80595ELONGATED$90.25 ea #712209ELONGATED$157.00 eaCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 38 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'