b'Food Preparation AidsNonslip Matting ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGSecure items on any surface!Smooth nonslip surface iseasy tocleannOne-handed operationCordless Can OpenersCompact and portable Shown here used one-handed can opener.as a placematIdeal for those with weak hands or use of only one FOOD PREPARATION AIDSNONSLIP MATTINGhand. Opens any size can. Stops automatically when lid is cut off. Separate 110V recharger and rechargeable batteries included#8575$39.02 ea California residents, see left page. Dycemthe widest assortment for nonslip matting!Create safe gripsfor utensilsSecure UnlimitedgripusesCut to any sizen Suction-cup base keeps board securePlastic Paring Boards Plastic board withn Nonslip matting Available in aluminum holding pins and suction-cup base,Dycemis a nonslip plastic material used to6\'6"L and removable corner retainers. Rust resistant. stabilize surfaces. Reusable. Cut to most any10\'L rolls for size or shape with scissors. Not made withcustom shapes 8"W x 8"L natural rubber latex.and sizes#8262$60.25 ea Clean with soap and waterNot effective when wetCalifornia residents, see left page.BlueMatting:132 " thickPads:316 " thickFAX800.437.2966 STANDARD-BACK DYCEM, ROLL MATTINGSTANDARD-BACK DYCEM, ROUND PAD#827316"W x 6\'6"L $107.00 rl #827781 2 " diam$27.25 ea#827416"W x 10\'L$290.00 rl #827910" diam$28.25 ea#82768"W x 6\'6"L $70.50 rl #828671 2 " diam$20.00 ea#823688"W x 10\'L$168.00 rlADHESIVE-BACK DYCEM, MATTING #828116"W x 3\'L$82.75 ea AliMed.com 800.225.2610 STANDARD-BACK DYCEM, RECTANGULAR PAD #827810"W x 14"L$38.75 eaADHESIVE-BACK DYCEM, STRIPS#831671 4 "W x 10"L$24.25 ea #828211 8 "W x 16"L, 3/pk$20.00 pk ($6.67 ea)California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. n Knife hinge enables safe, one-handed useCutting Boards with Pivot KnifeCaptiven Open and close ovens safelyknife hinges on cutting board, enabling safe, one- Push/Pull Kitchen Sticks aid with openinghanded use. Four suction cups offer a secure gripand closing hot ovens. Hooks and slides easily. on surfaces. Knife can be removed for cleaning. 11"W x 16"L x8 " diam.Lightweight, durable metalBoard: 12"W x 12"DChef Knife: 90 arc #8596$27.50 ea Dishwasher-safe #71007$105.75 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.297'