b'Specialty WalkersMOBILITY AIDSFor residents with balance problemsMillennium Walkers and MillenniumShown in MauveWalkers w/Anti-Tippers offer stability and safety for residents with balance problems.PVC for easy cleaning. Seat and arms adjust simultaneously. Easy-to-operate safety bar. Seatbelt and personal-effects bag enclosed.2612"W x 3512"DHeight adjusts: 29"-35"Seat adjusts: 1812"-2412"H300-lb. capacityWalker: 45 lbs.Walker with Anti-Tippers: Base: 3112"W x 3512"D47 lbs.#79242WALKER$401.00 ea#79243w/ANTI-TIPPERS$434.75 ea Specify Blue or Mauve. Additional shipping charges may apply. Removable, California residents, see left page. bacteria- SPECIALTY WALKERSresistant vinylAnti-Tippern Audible click when locked cushionTwo-Button Release Folding Junior WalkersLightweight aluminum design withn One-handed walkersadjustable-height settings. Easy-to-use push-button folding mechanism provides audible clickUniversal Stroke WalkersOne-hand center when locked. Top front cross brace allows forgrip can be used with either right or left hand. Over-full stride. Sides operate independently for betterthe-toilet design with reinforced brace clamps. maneuverability and stability. Vinyl contoured hand1"-diameter aluminum construction with Tuff-CoatOptionalgrips, rear glide caps, and 5" front wheels. Foldscovering offers a nonslip surface. Optional 5"5" Wheelsflat for transport and storage. Fits patients Wheels available, sold separately below.4\'4" to 5\'7". 24"W x 18"DAdjustable height: 30"-40"10.5 lbs.17"D (open), 4"D (folded)Width between hand grips: 400-lb. capacity17Width between base legs: 20"6.7 lbs.300-lb.#710067WALKER$272.00 eacapacityLimited lifetime warranty on frame, #710068OPTIONAL 5" WHEELS$93.75 prone year on all parts#713895WALKER$53.50 ea California residents, see left page.#713895044/cs$170.25 cs n Wider base for better stabilityAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. Guardian Pediatric Walkers with anodized aluminum frames. Wide design affords better sta-bility. Folding model folds flat for travel or storage.Toddler, Folding: Approx. user ht.: 3\'4"-4\'Dimensions: 1812"W x 20"-24"H x 1314"DWeight: 5 lbs.175-lb. Shop our latestcapacityTyke, Non-Folding: Approx. user ht.: 2\'8"-3\'6" Walker Accessories Dimensions: 16"W x 16"-21"H x 1914"D3"-diameter FAX800.437.2966front wheelsWeight: 4.5 lbs.80-lb. capacityonline! #73392TODDLER, FOLDING$135.25 ea#73393TYKE, NON-FOLDING$200.50 ea Toddler,Tyke,Additional shipping charges may apply.Folding Non-FoldingAliMed.com California residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610Attaches to Create an account at wheelchairs AliMed.com n Hands-free O 2tank holder too!TO 2 TE Oxygen Bags attach an oxygen tankto a wheeled walker or a wheelchair. 4View your order status and invoices Lightweight, machine-washable nylon/polyesterblendIncludes a pocket for an oxygen wrenchFits 4See your contract pricing E tanks (29"L)Attaches to wheelchairs up to4Manage your account and sub-users 24"W1-year warranty#925583$46.25 ea Attach Oxygen 4Access wish lists and recommendations tank to walkerCalifornia residents, see left page.51'