b'Toilet Hygiene AidsBATHING AND TOILETINGUrinalsnBaffle prevents accidental spillsAnti-Splash Baffle Urinals Discreet Built-in bafflecarry caseprevents accidental spills. Stand on one end or hang on bed rail between uses. Ergonomic handle. Attached lid has space for the patients information. Holds up to 32 oz. (1,000 ccs) of liquid. Graduated markings. nComfortable, easy to use, portable#83162URINAL$22.25 ea Buckingham EasywipesFor users with limited #83162066/pk$104.74 pk ($17.46 ea) reach or dexterity. Silicone head grips any tissue or #831621616/pk$241.17 pk ($15.07 ea) pre-moistened wipe and releases it with the push of California residents, see left page. a button. Comes in specially designed hard case that TOILET HYGIENE AIDScan be discreetly carried in handbags or coat Anti-spill trap pockets. Not made with natural rubber latex.15"L#82858$56.87 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Press button on handle to release tissuen Spillproof n Holds toilet paper, loofah, URSEC Spillproof UrinalsAnti-reflux systemshaver, and morewill not spill, even if completely rolled over.FreedomWand Multipurpose personal Holds up to 32 oz.hygiene aid. Wand head has four fingers #75639SPILLPROOF URINAL$62.25 ea that extend with the slide of a button, grasping4 fingers extend with #755416/cs$337.83 cs($56.31 ea) tissue (or loofah, razor, etc.) in place. Slide buttonslide of a buttonCalifornia residents, see left page. releases tissue with little effort. Easy to clean. Compact for transport/travel. Compact Kit includes 14 12 "L handle and head, while MasterFreedomWand as low as Kit also includes an extender piece that increasesMaster Kit Female the Wands length to 20". Optional 4"L Extensionshown$ 5. ea Piece is available for both models.78 #82850FREEDOMWAND MASTER KIT$64.00 kitMale #83449FREEDOMWAND COMPACT KIT$52.50 kit#82851EXTENSION PIECE$22.25 ean Low cost California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966Carex Urinals#82383FEMALE URINAL$13.25 ea n Easy-release button#823831010/cs$74.33 cs($7.43 ea)#823835050/cs$291.75 cs($5.84 ea) Self Wipe Maintain your hygiene and your #82384MALE URINAL$13.25 ea privacy. Easier than tongs. Press the release buttonAliMed.com 800.225.2610#823841010/cs$73.50 cs($7.35 ea) on the end of the handle to discard the tissue. #823845050/cs$288.75 cs($5.78 ea) 14 34 "LCalifornia residents, see left page. #82238SELF WIPE$80.00 ea#82238055/cs$335.99 cs($67.20 ea)#822381010/cs$561.17 cs($56.12 ea)California residents, see left page.n Designed for womenViscot Millie Female UrinalsThe perfectn Easy and affordablebedside urinal, uniquely designed to help eliminateShort Toilet Paper Aids c ompensate for limited embarrassing spills and minimize costly cleanupreach. Ability to use s tandard scissors required. time. Easy to use with a convenient handle for hanging on a bed rail or chair. 10 12 "LStainless steelPlastisol-coated#937141URINAL$17.50 ea #8450TOILET PAPER AID$16.50 ea#9371411010/cs$111.00 cs #8450055/cs$48.24 cs ($9.65 ea)California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 35'