b"Limited Mobility TransferFull-Body LiftsSafer assisted transfersstart with assessing your patients' mobility levelFull-Body Lifts Sit-to-Stand Lifts Transfer Boards Gait Belts No Devicebelow p. 10 p. 10 p. 11No Mobility/Limited Mobility/Assisted Mobility/Full Mobility/ Fully Dependent Moderately DependentMinimally Dependent Independent I mmobile or significantSit-to-Stand: can sit up and maintain balance, but hasMaintains standing ability, partial Patient isweakness/paralysis limited lower body strength/weight-bearing capacityto full weight-bearing capacity independent Sedated/post-anesthesia and is unable to stand May need assistive device No assistanceSevere cognitive impairment,Transfer Board: can sit up, maintain balance, and hasto stand or ambulate requiredno ability to participate limited upper/lower body strength for graspingL imited to full cognitive function, Reassess as Requires 2 or more staff toLimited to full cognitive function, some ability fully able to participate neededto participateassistRequires 1-2 to staff to assist Requires 1-2 to staff to assistKey Takeaway When mobility level is in question,alwaysuse the safest transfer or lifting device availableFull-Body Lifts No Mobility / Fully DependentBestCare Full-Body Electric Patient LiftsPatient and Staff ConsiderationsIdeal for immobile patients, offering maximum stability and comfort for even your heaviest patientsHelps retain patient dignity and can reduce anxietyFully electronic for smoother, safer transfers with the ability to handle patients up to 600 lbs. Most comfortable, tolerated by all patient typesRequires minimal staff effort and greatly reduces bodily strainSpecific models for average or bariatric size patients Easy to maneuverRequires 2 or more staff to assistChallenging to store, not always accessible,power source requiredHow it works:Electric lifts do most of the heavy lifting with just a push of a button. With the appropriate sling placed under the patientElectric full-bodyFull-Body Slings and attached to the lift, the patient islifts are ideal whenprovide total support transferring immobileand come in a range safely raised and moved from one placepatients, requiring theof styles and sizes to another without any physical liftingleast amount of stafffor safe, comfortable required by staff. effort for fewer injuries transfersScan to learn more about Full-Body LiftsScan to learn more about Full-Body SlingsLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com855.517.2992AliMed.com/sph \\ 9"