b"Safe Patient Handling Overview{ Is your staff pulling their weight?They shouldn't be! }It's safe toPUSH 20%PULL 30% of your body weightorChoose the right mix of devices for your needsLateral Transfer Aidsp. 5Device Types: Air-AssistedRollboardsShiftersTransfer SheetsDepartment Use:Emergency RoomOperating RoomImaging SuitePatient RoomMobility Level:No to Limited Mobility / DependentLimited Mobility Transfer Aidsp. 9Device Types: Full-Body LiftsSit-to-Stand LiftsTransfer BoardsDepartment Use: Operating RoomPatient RoomBathroomMobility Level:No to Limited Mobility / Fully DependentAssisted Mobility Transfer Aidsp. 10Device Types: Sit-to-Stand LiftsTransfer BoardsGait BeltsDepartment Use: Patient RoomInter-Departmental TransferMobility Level: Limited to Assisted Mobility / Moderately to Minimally DependentRepositioning Aidsp. 12Device Types: TurnersBoostersAir-Assisted (p. 5)Department Use: Patient RoomMobility Level:No to Limited Mobility / Fully DependentLateral Patient Transfer:Pull Force 101 Significantly afects the Patient Weight force amount of friction created and, in turn, the pulrequiredweight must always be considered during transfers+ FrictionThe force that acts to resist sliding betwen two surfaces that are touching, whichSafe Patient Handling Resourcescan slow down or stop the motion of the object and increase as weight is addedtransfering aver timate RISK} = Pul ForceThe amount of force neded to the greater the pul force { Don't undere age si s ze patients! move a patient lateralyinjury.Remembermore injuries occur whenrequired, the greater the risk for stafLessen injury risk: know what patient handling tools can handleTransferLinen Air-Assisted Rolboards Shifters Sheets Draw Sheets Scan to download our printable postersLowest Pul Force/Lower Pul Force/Medium Pul Force/Higher Pul Force/Highest Pul Force/ y RiskLower Injury Risk Medium Injury RiskHigher Injury Risk Highest Injury Risk Plus, find featured products, blogs, videos, and more!Not recommendedLowest Injur Safely bridges uneven gaps Emergency situations onlyOnly use with Maximum stability Lightweight and easy to handle F efortsUse only if other devices are Lts another asistive and comfort uiroption for manual a e li d ti e c s ist materials help reduce push/pul unavailable ac a r t ie av n e t r s agedevice to reduceBest overal riction-reducing mechanicO ower friction option thaninjury risks andtraditional linen draw sheften requires more thanC lateral transfer ompared to Requires minimum of 2-3 staf Scan to learn more in AliMed's ushion of air significantly Models available for average and4 stafreduces friction, whichf o o t r herto as bariatric size patients es Guide to Patient Transferdrasticaly reduces the pulHangable for easy acand storageModels available foce req and bariatric size p mod or visit AliMed.com/sph Stores anywhere for easyRequires only 2 staf es For any size patientScan to learn more in AliMed'sA Guide to Patient TransferAliMed Help e ele or visit AliMed.com/sphing poplehelp popLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com855.517.2992AliMed.com/sph \\ 3"