b'Lateral TransferTransfer SheetsTransfer Sheets Higher Pull Force / Higher Injury RiskMegaMover Portable Transport UnitsPatient and Staff Considerations Compact and portable for use anywhere, especially in emergency situationsBest for emergency situations only Super lightweightweighs only 1 lb.Options available for use with a backboard forNon-woven, fluid-resistant construction is durable for use in any condition added support Ample handles on each side allow for multiple staff lifting to reduce injury risk Recommended for average or bariatric sizepatients Folds for easy storageHigh risk for staff or patient injuries Requires multiple staff to assistHow it works:Transfer sheets are often used in emergency situations to move patientsInfection Controlacross surfaces, but they also require the3Disposable to reduce most amount of pull force of any transfercross-contaminationaid. Choosing options with extended handles or straps can help minimize the amount of stretch or pull force required to complete a transfer. Additionally, ensuring ample staff are available to assist is a key factor for reducing injuries and maintaining patient comfort.Scan to learn more about this product{ 1.8 tonsEstimatedweight lifted by a nursein a single shift, on averagemore}than any other occupationZ-Slider Patient Transfer Wall-mountable storage dispenser and Repositioning Sheets for quick accessDisposable and compact for emergency useScan to learn moreSo compact, sheets can be foldedabout this product and stored in your pocket for emergency access8 AliMed.com/sph855.517.2992\\ LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'