b"Repositioning AidsRepositioning AidsAliMed No-Lift Repositioning AidsPatient and Staff ConsiderationsTubular-shaped aids are made with a slippery friction-reducing material inside for easy Aids should be removed between usessliding, helping ease staff back strain during in-bed repositioning while reducing shearRecommended for average or bariatric size forces that can contribute to pressure issues patientsReinforced edges and handles allow for repositioning without liftingRequires 2 or more staff to assistNo-Lift Turner assists in turning patients from side to side and, once in place,Patient weight should be considered when requires only one staff to reposition as needed determining number of staff required No-Lift Booster helps slide patients up or down and requires at least 2 staff to assistHow it works:Once the Turner or Booster is positioned underAliMed's No-Lift TURNER allows staffthe patient, staff can grasp the reinforced handlesto turn patients by pulling, not liftingto reposition the patient as needed. The easy-slide friction- and shear-reducing material allows staff to turn or boost patients with less effort, reducing strain and manual handling risk.Scan to learn more about the TurnerInfection ControlMachine-washable for 3multi-patient useCan stay with the patient 3for their entire stay{ #1AliMed's No-Lift BOOSTER allowsjob lateral motion without liftingPatient boosting is the most frequentlyperformed task }by nurses andhealthcare staffScan to learn more about the BoosterAliMed.com/sph 855.517.29928021"