b'Lateral TransferRollboardsRollboards Lower Pull Force / Lower Injury RiskAliMed Soft RollboardsPatient and Staff ConsiderationsConveyor-belt mechanics reduce friction and require less force during Best for immobile patients or those with limited mobilitytransfers than more rigid shifters Less tolerable for geriatric patients or those with fragile Antimicrobial fabric covers and board frames offer greater infection controlor sensitive skin(Disposable covers also available)Specific models for average or bariatric size patients Lightweight and easy to handleRequires a draw sheet Mountable on a door or wall for easy accessibility and storageRequires a minimum of 2-3 staff to assistHow it works:Similar to a conveyor belt, the gold fabric cover rotates around the frame andInfection Controlsimultaneously moves with the patient and draw sheet as the patient is gently3Always disinfect pushed from one surface to another, helping reduce the overall friction andbetween patientsforce needed for smoother lateral transfers. 3Antimicrobial-treated to reduce bacteria Cover rotates growtharound frame and Wipes easily with3moves with the patient any disinfectantScan to watch the video and learn more{ 25% of healthcare workers are}compensation claimsrelated to patient handling6 AliMed.com/sph855.517.2992\\ LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'