b"Assisted Mobility TransferAmbulation AidsAmbulation Aids Assisted Mobility / Minimally DependentAliMed Soft Wipeable Gait BeltsPatient and Staff ConsiderationsIdeal for assisted sit-to-stand transfers or guided ambulation with patients Often used with another transfer device to ensurewho have partial-to-full mobility or weight-bearing capacity safer staff mechanics while protecting patient from Soft, flexible, smooth material is easier and more comfortable for staff to grippossible pulling injury More comfortable for patients who are unable toEasy-release clip-style plastic buckle provides a secure closuretolerate stiffer fabricsAntimicrobial-treated strap with fully welded edges offers quick and easyNot recommended for patients with chest traumadisinfection between patients Requires 1-2 staff to assist depending on patientEasily stores within reach for point-of-care use mobility levelHow it works:With the belt placed around the patient's waist, staff are able to moreInfection Controleasily grip the soft, flexible strap when providing transfer or ambulation assistance, and the smooth material is more comfortable against3Always disinfect between patientspatients with sensitive skin. When fastened, the clip-style buckle3ensures security and is easy to release when removing the belt. Antimicrobial-treated strap reduces bacteria growthSeamless strap and plastic buckle wipe easily with3any disinfectantEasy-releaseclip-style plastic buckle for easy cleaning and Easy to wipe clean with Easy and comfortable to grip securityfully welded edges with soft, flexible materialScan to watch the video and learn more{ Increase in patient weight }100% in the last 30 years, putting staff atgreater injury riskAliMed Comfort QC Ambulation BeltsMaximum stability with more flexibility for improved patient comfortScan to learn more about this productImproved comfort for patientsEasy on/off with Lift with confidenceaccess patient from any and clinicians with flexible strap clip-style plastic buckle angle with multiple handles for maximum stabilityLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com855.517.2992AliMed.com/sph \\ 11"