b'Lateral TransferAir-AssistedAir-Assisted Lowest Pull Force / Lowest Injury RiskPPS Glide Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer SystemPatient and Staff ConsiderationsRequires less overall pull force and fewer staff to assist, maximizing staff Best for patients with limited mobilityefficiency and patient comfortBest for patients unable to tolerate rigid devicesFewer staff can reduce anxiety and embarrassment for larger patients or require maximum support Can stay under the patient for their entire stay for multi-transfer useRequires only 2 staff to assist Can also be used as an in-bed repositioning aidRecommended for average or bariatric size patientsHow it works:Similar to an air hockey table, the Glide uses air- Infection Controlassisted technology to reduce friction by circulating low-pressure, high-volume air through hundreds ofDisposable option for single-patient use3micro-perforations on the underside of the device.3Machine-washable option for multi-patient useThis creates a cushion of air that allows the Glide to slide more freely when transferring patientseven your heaviest onesfor smoother, safer patient transfers.Micro-perforations on underside of mattressMicro-perforations create a cushion of air that allows the Glide to slide more freely from surface to surface, reducing injury risk Use as a Repositioning Aid The Glide can be left under the patient for the duration of their stay for use as a repositioning aid for boosting, turning, or proning.Scan to watch thePair the Glide with 27 foam wedges to assist with proper positioning and pressure video and learn more redistribution while anchoring the patientLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com855.517.2992AliMed.com/sph \\ 5'