b"Limited to Assisted Mobility TransferSit-to-Stand Lifts and Transfer Sit-to-Stand Lifts Limited Mobility / Moderately DependentSit-to-Stand Electric Lifts and Manual Standing AidsPatient and Staff ConsiderationsIdeal for patients who have some ability to participate, partial upper body strength,Ensure patient's weight-bearing status is and can tolerate weight-bearing while rising from a seated position with assistance compatible with model typeElectric models require less staff effort and strain and are easy to operate (powerIdeal for early mobility and assisting with out-of-bed source required)activities Specific models for average or bariatric size patients Manual models require more staff effort to complete a transfer, but are lightweight, affordable, and portable with no charging neededRequires 2 or more staff to assist Both models are compact and easy to maneuverChallenging to store, not always accessibleBestStand Sit-to-StandBestMove Manual StandingSit-to-Stand Slings provide Electric Lifts are best forTransfer Aids are best foradded support and safety as patients who require morepatients who have morethe patient rises (compatible supportthey are alsostabilitythey are alsowith Electric Lift)easy to operate and requireaffordable and lightweight less staff effort for quicker,with no power source simpler transfers for greater flexibility and portability Scan to learn more about Sit-to-Stand SlingsScan to learn more about Sit-to-Stand LiftsTransfer Boards Limited to Assisted Mobility / Moderately DependentAliMed Maple Transfer BoardsPatient and Staff ConsiderationsIdeal for assisted seated transfers with patients who can actively participate and Ideal for specific patient populations who have have partial-to-full upper body strength more upper body strengthSmooth, polished wood finish allows staff to assist patient with sliding, using Not recommended for patients with fragile or minimal effort without lifting sensitive skinAllows for smaller movements by the patient to reduce strainRecommended for average or bariatric size patients Lightweight and easy to handle, stores within reach for point-of-care use Requires 1-2 staff to assist depending on patient mobility levelHow it works:The board is placed between two seated surfaces to safely bridge gaps and allowInfection Controltransfers from a wheelchair to a bed,3Always disinfect between patientschair, or toilet. Both patient and staff3Wipes easily with any disinfectantassist, with the caregiver guiding the patient as they move across the board, reducing strain on both. Scan to learn more about this product10 AliMed.com/sph855.517.2992\\ LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com"