b'Lateral TransferShiftersShifters Medium Pull Force / Medium Injury RiskAliMed Anti-Stat and Conductive Patient ShiftersPatient and Staff ConsiderationsSlippery anti-static coating reduces friction to minimize injury riskBest for immobile patients or those with limited mobility Shields against static buildup and eliminates dangerousMore tolerable for geriatric patients or those with fragileshocks (Conductive model) or sensitive skin Lightweight and flexible for easy positioningSpecific models for average or bariatric size patients Mountable on a wall for easy accessibility and storageRequires a draw sheet Requires a minimum of 2-3 staff to assistHow it works:The board is placed between two surfaces to safely bridge any small or uneven gaps. UsingInfection Controla draw sheet, the slippery anti-static coating allows staff to easily slide a patient across the Always disinfect between patientsboard without static buildup. Conductive models also help eliminate the risk of dangerous3friction shocks that can harm patients or even jeopardize electrical equipment. 3Wipes easily with any disinfectantScan to learn more about this productSafely bridges small or unevenSlippery anti-static coating gaps between surfaces reduces friction and injury riskPatient Transfer ScalesBuilt-in scale provides instant and accurate weight assessment for safer medication dosing when transferring critical or immobile patientsScan to learn more about this productBuilt-in digital scale for quick weight readingsLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com855.517.2992AliMed.com/sph \\ 7'