b'Drinking/Feeding AidsPEDIATRIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGETheraSIP RocketSIP is a fun, challenging oral exercise tool for improving lip and cheek strength in children. Improved lip strength helps manage saliva leakage and aid with myofunctionalThree different sized therapy goals by creating and maintaining a healthystraws increase orofacial alignment. Improved cheek strengthdifficultyallows better control of solid foods when chewing. 1 oz.2 oz.Includes three different sized straws to increase Flexi Cut CupsDesigned to promote ease ofdifficulty, three curly straws for reinforcement, drinking, made of flexible plastic with a cutoutand lip guard. Can be filled with water or flavored beverages. Straw toppers may vary in style. designed to allow drinking without neck extension. Pink and blue cups can be gently squeezed toClean using an ear syringe and soapy waterchange the shape of the cup lip and direct liquid#83476ROCKETSIPEAflow. When squeezed, the caregiver can see California residents, see left page.the lips and tongue in action with minimal head movement. See-through colors provide visibility of the liquid. Available in three sizes. Polyethylene, not made with natural rubber latex Top-rack dishwasher-safe, no heated drying#80179S (1 OZ, PINK) 5/PK#80181M (2 OZ, BLUE) 5/PKCalifornia residents, see left page. Slip-resistant gripThe MIT-E SpoonsThe first product (Mixed Texture-Eating) to address challenges of swallowing mixed consistencies by children who can tolerate liquids but frequently have trouble controllingRegularmixed-consistency foods like soup, cereal with milk,Softand fruit cocktail. Help replace traditional and less-appealing thickening broth, pureing juicy fruits, andBeckman E-Z Spoons, Designed by Debra restricting favorite foods. Strategically placed holesBeckmanAn excellent choice for the child with drain liquid from mixed bolus quickly and efficiently,feeding difficulties. Slip-resistant grips and shallow regardless of grasp or cognitive challenges, providingbowls help improve poor oral motor control. Thick, Wedge CupsA valuable cup to aid clients witha safer bite. The handle can be held easily andtapered handles and small size make them ideal FAX800.437.2966injuries, dysphagia, or other swallowing difficulties.accommodates modification. Gray is for morefor small mouths or narrow mouth openings. Unique design allows the cup contents to bepublic dining to preserve dignity and blend in withCan also be used as tongue depressors. Can be drained without moving the clients head back.other silverware and Red is specifically for childrensterilized repeatedly. Regular E-Z Spoon is rigid. The wedge designed to fit inside the cup directswho need visual cueing.Soft E-Z Spoon is rigid enough to handle food,the flow of the liquid through the opening in theBPA-freeFDA-approved plasticDishwasher-safebut soft enough to flex. lid without head movement. Has an adjustable#82741GRAY 3/PK #83357REGULAR, GREEN 2/PK AliMed.com/speech 866.298.2601flow control and large handle. Both hot- and cold- #82742RED3/PK #83358SOFT, YELLOW 2/PKcompatible and can be used with thickened liquids. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.PlasticDishwasher-safe#713373 WEDGE CUP EA Textured Spoons combine oral-sensorySmall Textured SpoonsCalifornia residents, see left page. stimulation with feeding. Textured bottoms increase oral-sensory stimulation to tongue during functional activity of tasting. Facilitate a smooth More online! transition to conventional spoon-feeding. Shallow bowls for a smaller bolus size. Extended handles allow hand-over-hand assistance. Small Spoons Pediatric Speech for babies and young children come in Assorted Colors. Large Spoons for older children are Silver.& Language 6"LPhthalate- and lead-freeNot made with natural rubber latexFDA-approved colors and materials Large Textured Spoons Hand-washSmall: 1"W bowlLarge: 11/4"W bowlSCAN HERESMALLLARGE#82266ASSORTED COLORS 6/PK #82268SILVER 6/PK#82267ASSORTED COLORS 12/PK #82269SILVER12/PKCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 31'