b'Language Activities PEDIATRIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGEColor Cards Whats Wrong?Great photosAll age levels are depicted for use with a wide to stimulate visual observation, thinking skills, andvariety of clients. Includes directions. Manual Color Cards Cause and EffectStimul atinglanguage. Large, sturdy, full-color photographswritten in English and eight other languages.visual material to develop logical and critical thinking.show mistakes in everyday scenes. SituationsContains: 48 laminated 6" x 8" cards, manual, and Each pair of sequenced photos shows a specificrange from the obvious (a picture hanging upsidestorage boxsituation on one card and a possible outcome on thedown) to the subtle (too many clothes for a small second. Scenes include kitchen accidents, childrensuitcase). #8933WHATS WRONG?BXplaying, family situa tions, and leisure pursuits.California residents, see left page.Includes directions. Manual written in English and eight other languages.Contains: 48 laminated 6" x 8" cards, notes for use, and storage box#80676CAUSE AND EFFECT BXCalifornia residents, see left page.Color Cards Sequences: 4-StepContains 12 four-step sequences of familiar activities. Sequences depict a wide range of indoor and outdoor events. Includes people of different ages and ethnic groups. Sequences include making cakes, going to the dentist, buying a new pet, and FAX800.437.2966many more. Includes directions. Manual written in English and eight other languages. Contains: 48 laminated 6" x 6" cards, manual, and storage box#821904-STEP BXCalifornia residents, see left page. AliMed.com/speech 866.298.2601Language Builder Sequencing Cards help understand the logicalorder of events. The full-color photographic cards portray common, everyday activities with a heavy emphasison self-help skills.The full set includes:Familiar VerbsA second set of new cards1 ten-card sequence 6 six-card sequencesto update a collection of verb cards. All images1 nine-card sequence 4 five-card sequencesare of frequently used, easily recognizable verbs.1 eight-card sequence 5 four-card sequencesAssociated objects included with the images1 seven-card sequence 2 three-card sequencesgive an idea of place and encourage expressiveStart with 3-card sequences, then progress all the way language. Actions shown include empty (bucket),up to 10 cards. The cards are also great for understanding pour (drinks), spill (soup), and tie (shoelaces).what happens next, teaching storytelling or social stories, Includes directions. Manual written in English andlearning verbs and tenses, or even to use for self-help skills eight other languages.prompts. Includes directions. Manual written in English and Contains: 48 laminated cards (6" x 8"), manual, andeight other languages.storage boxContains: 116 cards (5" x 312"), dividers, and storage box#82188FAMILIAR VERBS BX #83387SEQUENCING CARDS SETCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 29'