b'Augmentative/Alternative Communication COMMUNICATIONWord Retrieval BEST SELLER!GoTalk 20+Easy-to-use, rugged talker with up to 100-message capacity.Records and stores messages in five levels, up to 15 minutes in total20 programmable buttons allow the user to personalize each level with pictures and vocal recordings WALC 11 Language for Home Activitiesncludes five additional core buttons for IBoost client interest and outcomes withfrequently used words or phrases that activities that use relevant content themedcan stay the same on each level Sequential recording for quick set-up and9"W x 12"H x 11/2" D3 blank overlays20 oz.around home activities and home maintenance. Clients will learn to name, organize, andre-recording #82259GOTALK 20+EAcategorize everyday vocabulary words and usePairs with the GoTalk Overlay Software higher-level verbal reasoning. Activities target(sold separately below)California residents, see left page.five skill areas: Word Finding, Organization, Categorization, Reasoning, and Picture/ParagraphGoTalk 4+A great placeGoTalk 9+ 45-message Comprehension. Includes answer key. to start AAC. 20-messagecapacity (nine keys, each 196 pages, softcover capacity (four large 3"1 34 "W x 2 14 "H, and five #83339WALC 11 EA keys and five levels). Tworecording levels), plus California residents, see left page. core messages and newthree core messages technology with superiorthat remain constant sound and volume control.when you change levels. 9"W x 12"H x 1 18 "D3 blankOffers superior sound overlays included20 oz. with volume control,sequential recording, #82258GOTALK 4+EA whole-level erasing, and built-in overlay storage. California residents, see left page. 9"W x 12"H x 1 18 "D3 blank overlays included20 oz.#82233GOTALK 9+EACalifornia residents, see left page.WALC 8 Word FindingHelp clients meetGoTalk Overlay Software create overlays that look great for any of their goals for mid- to high-level complexitythe GoTalks with this one disc. Comes with Imagine Symbol Library CD word retrieval. Offers plenty of strategiesand copy-and-paste feature to gather images from the web or other media. and repetition to meet diverse client needs.Overlays can contain images, text boxes, or both. Great editing features. FAX800.437.2966Includes answer key.Ready-made templates for all GoTalksPrint out with any inkjet or laser printer189 pages, softcoverWindows only#83336WALC 8 EA #82853GOTALK OVERLAY SOFTWAREEACalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. WALC 6 Functional LanguageOverAliMed.com/speech 866.298.2601300 pages of exercises covering a broad scope of skills, including: orientation, auditoryRegular or Large-Key comprehension, verbal expression, and readingKeyboardscomprehension. Includes answer key.313 pages, softcover#83335WALC 6EACalifornia residents, see left page. SpeakerWALC 4 Everyday ReadingFrom signs TextSpeak The worlds first speech generator it talks for you! Generates unlimited vocabulary to appointment cards and credit card bills, thisin a 4"W x 5"H package is even better! It nowspeech and can hold up to 30 programmable book includes 35 categories of functional readingcomes with male and female voices and in Englishphrases. Instantly on. Also available with a wireless tasks and comprehension questions. Includesand Spanishall in one. Its simple, completelyLarge-Key Keyboard. answer key.portable, and affordable. Ready to use right out182 pages, softcover Contains: Full keyboard, speech generator speaker,of the boxsimple directions to easily selectand manual#83333 WALC 4EA the voice and language you want and save it.#82963w/REGULAR KEYBOARDEACalifornia residents, see left page. Can be changed as often as necessary. Great for temporary or long-term needs. The intelligent#82964w/LARGE-KEY KEYBOARDEAComplete details for all workbooks at AliMed.com. text-generating speaker and keyboard can createCalifornia residents, see left page.speech anywhere. Just type and press ENTER and LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 21'