b'COGNITIVE REHAB/BRAIN INJURY Retraining Workbooks WALC 2 Cognitive RehabThese 300 pagesWALC 3 Everyday of exercises are for clients who need help withProblem Solvingattention, memory, sequential thought, andFocuses on the cognitive reasoning. Easy-to-read format, with simpleprocesses and strategies and concise language, consistent progressionused in problem solving. of complexity within and between tasks, andPresents seven specific application to a wide range of acquired cognitive- problem solving skills in language disorders. Activities are organized into fiveisolation: Problem Solving, skill areas: Attention and Concentration, MemoryAnalyzing Problems, for General Information, Visual and AuditoryUnderstanding and Memory, Sequential Thought, and Reasoning.Applying Information, Includes answer key. Paraphrasing and 301 pages, softcover Summarizing, Making Inferences, Empathizing, #713476WALC 2 COGNITIVE REHAB EA and Evaluating. Activities apply them in hundreds of problem scenarios based on common themes California residents, see below. of money, work, family and social relationships, health and safety, and sports and leisure. Multiple-Other WALC Workbooks choice and open-ended questions guide clients to Walc 5: 180 pagesWalc 6: 313 pagesWalc 7: 182 pagespractice the targeted skills. The last section of the book gives practice in integrating the above skills #83334WALC 5 NEUROLOGICAL REHAB EA with real-life problems presented in brief articles. #83337WALC 6 FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE EA Includes answer key.#713478WALC 7 EVERYDAY MATH EA 191 pages, softcoverFull details at AliMed.com/retraining-workbooks California residents, see below. #713477WALC 3 EVERYDAY PROBLEM SOLVING EACalifornia residents, see below.Great for telepracticeSusan Howell Brubaker WorkbooksBest- conclusions, problem-solving, following directions, FAX800.437.2966 selling activity books, each addressing a specialvisual and logical sequencing, humor, and number/ Simple Cognitive Tasks, Mary Evanofskiset of skills for cognitive rehabilitation. symbols.Three-book set of beginning tasks helps clients get Workbook for Language SkillsSecondContains: 328 pages, 3-ring binder, color tabs, and back on the road to recovery after a neurological EditionFeatures six target areas with 68answer key impairment. Full details at AliMed.com.real-world language-based exercises of low-to- #80192WORKBOOK FOR REASONING SKILLSEA Attention Workbook, Vol. 1Designed for the moderate difficulty. Target areas for adults andCalifornia residents, see below. most basic cognitive skill, before memory, learning, adolescents include sentence completion, and problem-solving, offering tools for systematic 866.298.2601AliMed.com/speech sentence construction, figurative language, generaland goal-oriented treatment of attention. knowledge, word recall, sentence comprehension,Workbook For Cognitive SkillsSecond50 pages, softcover, plastic bindingand spelling.EditionFor adult and adolescent clients with moderate-to-high-level difficulty. Numerous#5821ATTENTION WORKBOOK EAContains: 325 pages, 3-ring binder, color tabs, and exercises are provided for logic, following California residents, see below.answer key directions, word retrieval, and flexible thinking.Memory Workbook, Vol. 2Tools for clients #80191WORKBOOK FOR LANGUAGE SKILLSEA Unique CLUES section makes exercises with moderate to severe memory impairment California residents, see below. adaptable for non-spellers and others, and interfering with function and independence. Six Workbook for Reasoning SkillsSecondallows difficulty level to be changed.sections represent six distinct memory strategies.EditionFeatures functional exercises thatContains: 370 pages, 3-ring binder, color tabs, and100 pages, softcover, plastic bindingfocus on language-based reasoning and cognitiveanswer key #5822MEMORY WORKBOOK EAskills. Six target areas have 67 innovative#82817WORKBOOK FOR COGNITIVE SKILLSEA California residents, see below.exercises emphasizing real-life situations: drawingCalifornia residents, see below. Problem-Solving Workbook, Vol. 3Designed to offer basic or very simple problem-solving tasks incorporating analysis, synthesis, and Join our email list! multiple process manipulation of information.Stay up to date on new catalogs, product promos, and more! 50 pages, softcover, plastic binding#5823WORKBOOK EAAliMed.com/signup #5824SET OF THREE(1 EACH BOOK)SETCalifornia residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 18 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'