b'Drinking/Feeding AidsWedge CupsA valuable cup to aid clients withBEST SELLER!DYSPHAGIAinjuries, dysphagia, or other swallowing difficulties. Unique design allowsPROVALE Drinking Cups deliver small the cup contents to beswallows (specific, predetermined volume) of drained without movingthin liquid in a normal drinking motion. Prevents the clients head back. The wedge designedover-delivery, promoting safer swallowing and to fit inside the cupmore independence. Use one or two easy-grip directs the flow of theremovable handles. Separate chamber inside liquid through the opening in the lid without headdelivers the specific volume in each mouthful movement. Has an adjustable flow control andwithout the need to suck. Encourages normal5-cc Cuplarge handle. Both hot- and cold-compatible anddrinking habits and small swallows. May becan be used with thickened liquids. used by therapists to help eliminate the need 10-cc Cupfor pre-thickened liquids with some clientsPlasticDishwasher-safe with dysphagia.#713373 WEDGE CUP EA Simply tip the cup in a normal drinking motion California residents, see left page. and 5 or 10 cc of liquid is delivered. Return the#823225 CC EAcup to its upright position and the chamber is#8232310 CC EArefilled and ready to deliver another 5 or 10 cc.#82322055 CC5/PKComes apart easily and is dishwasher-safe.#823230510 CC5/PKGreat for post-intubation therapy.California residents, see left page.Maroon Spoons Sturdy plastic spoonsSafeStraw Reusable straw holder assists with have narrow, shalloworal motor control of liquid bolus by using a smallHelps bowls to allow food tofluid chamber with a one-way valve and a floatprevent slide off easily. For clientsto regulate how much fluid is sucked throughaspirationwho need to be fed or arethe straw at once, helping to prevent aspiration beginning self-feeding but have poor lip closure,or choking. Once suck is stopped, float sinks toor chokingoral hypersensitivity, or tongue thrust. Especiallythe bottom and is ready to deliver more liquid.useful for assessment or when starting on solidIncludes 12 single-use drinking straws (or use with food, since the amount of food can easily beany 1/4" drinking straw). Fits a variety of drinking limited. Available in two bowl sizes to fit a varietycontainers such as cups and bottles. Use thinFluid chamber of needs. Small Bowl holds slightly less thanWhite SafeStraw with thin liquids and thick Bluewith one-way 12teaspoon, Large Bowl slightly more. DurableSafeStraw with nectar-thickened fluids. Great forvalve and "float" plastic stands up to reflex biting. controls liquidpost-intubation therapy. FDA-approved ABS: no lead, BPA, or phthalatesNotReusable with single-client useDishwasher-safemade with natural rubber latexDishwasher-safeFAX800.437.2966#83007WHITE12/BX#80177SMALL (1" BOWL) 10/PK #83008BLUE12/BX#80178LARGE (114" BOWL) 10/PK #830096 WHITE/6 BLUE12/BX California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Weighted-Base Dysphagia Cups come with aDiafoodsThick-It AliMed.com/speech 866.298.2601Low-sodium, cornstarch- wide flat handle to facilitate rotational control, and based powder is used tothe whole hand can generally be put through it, so achieve appropriate foodit doesnt require a strong grip. and liquid consistency for The oval shape allows thin or thickened clients with dysphagia.liquids to flow well and be directed to the Dissolves instantly,center of the mouththickening hot or coldIce doesnt stick to the bottom and theliquids or pureed foods.insulating quality allows control of warmEasily digested andor cold liquidsdoes not bind water or fluids.The weighted base slows tremors toOriginal is for moderatehelp self-drinkingthickening; Thick-It 2 is forThe designed nose clearance allowsdouble thickening.clients to drink without tilting their head10-oz. cansGluten-free Available in two comforting colorsTranslucent Green or Almond.#8815ORIGINAL12/CS 8 oz.PolycarbonateAutoclavable and dishwasher-safe#80173THICK-IT 212/CS #80298TRANSLUCENT GREEN EACalifornia residents, see left page. #80299ALMOND EACalifornia residents, see left page.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 15'