b'PEDIATRIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGE Oral Motor ToolsTic-Tong Flavored Tongue DepressorsFacilitate greatNUK MassagersGreat tool for initial oral-motor interaction during oral motortherapy and stimulation. This rounded massage therapy. Helps make any exambrush has soft rubber flanges arranged at the head faster and less stressful for yourforeffective stimulation in any direction. The handle young clients. Tutti-frutti flavored.is thick and contoured for easygrasping. Can be Standard and Animal (moldedused with young children and infants for oral-motor at the top). Individually wrapped,facilitation, s timulation, and d esensitization. disposable. Plastic, free of sugaror medicine substance.Individually wrappedRecommended one per child Rinse thoroughly after each useWash occasionally 58 "W x 5LMixed colorsNot madeStandard with warm water and gentle soapReplace after two or with natural rubber latex Animal three months#82273STANDARD40/PK #83090NUK MASSAGER 6/PK#82274STANDARD5 PK/CS California residents, see below.#82275ANIMAL40/PK#82276ANIMAL5 PK/CSCalifornia residents, see below.Super Chew, Green Super Chew, ChewyRedTubesKnobby Tubes Knobby TubesUse these chewy tubes with children who need increased tactile stimulation. Chewy Tubes These innovative oral motorSmall stem has raised dots and vivid green color. The Side Biter devices give a resilient, non-food chewable surface#82202KNOBBY TUBES 6/PKInnovative therapeutic for developing and practicing biting and chewingCalifornia residents, see below. chewing and skills. The tube is presented laterally into theswallowing system mouth. The stem of the tube is touched to theSuper Chews provide even more tools forgradually and safely cutting surface of the molar teeth or gum. All havedeveloping and practicing biting and chewingsupports improved safe, nontoxic surfaces, are latex- and lead-free,skills. Available in two forms: Smooth Green andoral motor function, FAX800.437.2966 and have no PVC or phthalates.Textured Red surface. Chews have a closed loopfood acceptance, and swallowing abilities. Package contains: Six lemon yellow tubes with smallhandle for easy grasping and a solid stem thatThree-level Side Biter Kit gradually increases the stem size, six cherry red tubes with wider stem size, andprevents saliva collection.amount of food the client can receive, stimulating instruction bookClean with mild soap and waterNot#82754SMOOTH GREEN 6/PK sensory-muscular skills and exercising the lips, made with natural rubber latex #82755TEXTURED RED 6/PK tongue, jaw, and swallowing. Individual Levels also #81701CHEWY TUBES12/PK California residents, see below. available. For patients over 2 years. 866.298.2601AliMed.com/speech California residents, see below. Dishwasher-safeSide Biter Kit contains 3 cylinders, 3 plungers, cleaning brush, and instruction booklet#961083SIDE BITER KIT (LEVELS 1 TO 3)KIT#961084LEVEL 1, NO HOLESEACH#961085LEVEL 2, 5 HOLESEACHSquare head offers three textures:#961086LEVEL 3, 10 HOLESEACHProbe Tip smooth, bumpy, and striatedCalifornia residents, see below.ARKs Z-Vibe A vibratory tool for oral motorARKs Probe Great for intraoral usetheMore online!therapy to normalize sensitivities and to improveperfect size for young mouths. Designed by a speech and feeding skills. The lightweight, plasticspeech-language pathologist. Square head offersZ-Vibe handpiece features waterproof tip at one end, andthree textures: smooth, bumpy, and striated. the on/off Switch Tip at the opposite end. TheCan be used to apply deep pressure, stroke theTipsProbe Tip can be replaced with a wide selection ofsides of the tongue, or as a jaw-stabilizing device. other tips, sold separately at AliMed.com. Nonslip grip and tough enough to resist biting! Z handle: 4 5 / 8 "L x 12" diameterLong-life batteryHead: 34" long,38 " square, with 4" handleNo BPA, PVC,SCAN HEREincludedNo BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex lead, phthalates, or latex #83200 ARKS Z-VIBEKIT #83355ARKS PROBE EACalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 30 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'