b'ADULT SPEECH AND LANGUAGE BEST SELLER! Therapy Photo CardsJust for Adults Photo CardsLarge-sizecards feature high-quality, realistic photos with stimuli questions on the back. The photos show people of all ages engaged in everyday activitiesas well as some photos of everyday environs.The cards are divided into five sections: Problem Solving depicts 112 dangerous situations or safety issues; Abstract ReasoningComparing/Contrasting has 60 cards that give the client practice comparing and contrasting objects and human traits; Abstract ReasoningMaking Inferences has 30 cards that require the client to make correct inferences and predictions aboutconversational skills, and develop cognitive the photos; Abstract ReasoningOdd Oneskills. Seven instruction cards are included. Out with 30 cards each with four photos, one not belonging; Sequencing with 128 photosContains: 360 double-sided, coated cards (7" x 5"),divided into 17 four-step and 10 six-step functionaland storage boxsequences familiar to everyday life. The cards#83150JUST FOR ADULTS PHOTO CARDSSETcan also be used to spark discussion, strengthenCalifornia residents, see below.Q & A CardsCategorization & Scanning CardsImages of items such as tools, dairy products, writing instruments, kitchen gadgets, and more. Questions and answers on the back promote categorizing and scanning skills. Everyday Activities to Sequence, Mary Pitti Contains: 25 photo cards Daly and Daniel D. DalyThis all-in-one tool will help clients who have difficulty organizing and #82834CATEGORIZATION & SCANNINGSET sequencing the steps required to perform a task California residents, see below. as a result of stroke or brain injury. Helps improve Confrontational NamingImages of everydaysequencing, organizational and oral language, objects such as an apple or book. Questions andcommunication, and critical thinking skills. 80 full-FAX800.437.2966 answers on the back promote word-finding skills. color photo cards feature 20 functional sequenced activities in three- to five-card sets. For example, Contains: 25 photo cards four cards depict different time frames in the act #82763CONFRONTATIONAL NAMINGSET of shaving. When placed in the correct order, California residents, see below. they demonstrate the natural sequence in which a man shaves his face with a razor. Helps retrain Problem SolvingImages showing pictoriallanguage, enhance critical thinking, and develop absurdities, including fishing in a bathtub andproblem-solving skills.866.298.2601AliMed.com/speech kayaking with dumbbells. Questions and answers onCategories of activities include:the back include What is wrong with this picture? Daily living skills Contains: 25 photo cards Household tasks Hospital situations#82764PROBLEM SOLVING SET Community mobilityCalifornia residents, see below. Accompanying manual provides ideas for using the photo cards creatively, including suggestions More online! for using them in group settings. Reproducible forms help document responses and track progress.Contains: 80 full-color cards (8" x 6"), eight-page Adult Speech softcover manual, and storage box& Language #81569SETCalifornia residents, see below.SCAN HERECalifornia Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 10 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'