b'Prescription and Plano EyewearProtect your eyes from scatter radiationThe benefit is clear All front lenses have 0.75 mmPb-equivalent protectionRepeat exposure to harmful scatter radiation can lead to serious eye issues over time, including cataract formation. 1Safeguard your eyes by regularly wearing leaded eyewear, which attenuatesradiation and prevents harmful X-raysfrom penetrating eyes. Rx Rx Blue Browntoo!AliMed offers a wide selection of Prescription and Plano* Eyewear crafted byRlicensed, board-certified opticians to meetR too!standards for optical clarity, visible lightn Comfortable on nose n Ultra lightweighttrans mission, power, and prism correctionUltraSoftRubber nose bridge molds to nose for98 Superlite WraparoundUltra-lightweight while offering superior protection andcomfort, especially with strong prescriptions.wraparound frame designed for comfort. High comfort.Fixed rubber nose padNylon frame63g curvature provides enhanced lateral/side X-ray protection. Rubber temples for secure, #935199PLANO (NO Rx)comfortable fit.Maximum protection #935200SINGLE Rx #935201BIFOCAL RxFixed rubber nose padNylon frame63gBrownAll front lenses offer a minimum of 0.75Specify Blue, Red, Silver, or Black. #960853PLANO (NO Rx) mm Pb-equivalent protection, attenuating 97% direct beam at 125 kVp. For additional protection, choose styles with wraparound lenses or side shields with 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent protection or greater. All glassesRed Silver Blackcome with a protective case and croakie-type adjustable strap. BlackMaximum comfortFor the perfect fit, measure headGloss Blackcircumference over the forehead and justRx Rx Rx Rxover the ears around the widest part of thetoo! too! Navy Metallichead. See sizing chart below. If betweenR R Gunmetal Grey sizes, round down. Blue Tortoise Metallic SIZING CHARTn Flexible hinges for comfort n Offers lateral protectionR too! R too!FITCIRCUMFERENCE 53 WrapFlexible hinges offer more comfort andGrid IIUltimate in comfort and attenuation.3 5 Wrap frame provides excellent lateral protection. SMALL20 4 "-21 8 " (53-55 cm)less resistance than a standard hinge. Saddle bridgeClearView Anti-Reflective/Fog-Free lenses.MEDIUM22"-225 8 " (56-58 cm) style distributes weight evenly over the nose. Standard side shields offer additional protection. Fixed rubber nose padPolycarbonate frame65gLARGE231 4 "-235 8 " (59-61 cm) Nylon frame80g #939144PLANO (NO Rx) Rx Rx #939145SINGLE VISION Rx X-LARGE24"-245 8 " (62-63 cm) too!#936832PLANO (NO Rx)#939102BIFOCAL Rx #936833SINGLE VISION Rx Order prescription eyewear R #936834BIFOCAL Rx#939103PROGRESSIVE Rx Specify Black, Blue, or Tortoise.Specify Navy Metallic, Gloss Black, or1) Obtain a signed prescription for eyeglassesGunmetal Grey Metallic.R too!2)Send your prescription to AliMedEmail: orders@AliMed.comFax: 800.437.2966 Designer Attenuation Eyewear3)Order your protective eyewearvia phone, fax, web, or EDI* Plano eyewear ships same daywhen ordered by 3 p.m. EST. Famous designer brands available online in classic or sporty styles1www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2727195/. Accessed May 2017. AliMed.com/radiation-protection12 AliMed.com/radiation-protection 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'