b'Perfect FitApronsFront and Back ProtectionReverse WraparoundChoose your fit Aprons AliMed Perfect Fit Aprons have the nElasticized back shifts weight to the waistwidest selection with more than 400Pairs full front/back protection with a stretch-back design. colors and prints available in standardElasticized back offers a snug fit that hugs the body and shifts weight off the shoulders and to the waist. Hook-sizes or tailored just for you (specifyand-loop shoulder and waist fastener straps allow forShrug-and-Cinch Tailored-Fit with your order via webadjustment for a closer fit. Shrug your shoulders prior tofor tighter, more or fax only, see p. 10). All styles shipsecuring straps for a shrug-and-cinch custom fit. secure fitwithin 15 business days.Choose your featuresAdditional features include shoulder pads and pockets, optional monogramming at no cost (p. 10), and matching thyroid shields (p. 11). NotFront Backmade with natural rubber latex.Shown in #793SMARTIDReadyFEATHERLITE LEAD FREEULTRALIGHT LEAD FREE LIGHTWEIGHT LEAD#960759#960758#960757Available in Standard or Tailored-Fit sizes, see p. 10.Economical StandardLead Aprons available online Coat Apronsn Integrated lumbar support belt AliMed.com/rp-aprons Provides full front/back protection in a one-piece style. Includes fully adjustable Back-Saver Belt for lower lumbar support, helping to relieve back strain and fatigue by redistributing apron weight from Free SMARTIDshoulders to waist. Scan it. Track it. Replenish it.Digitally manage your radiation protection at no additional cost! Fully adjustable6"W Back-Saver Belt Included with all for maximum lower AliMed Grab n Go lumbar supportand Perfect Fit Aprons.Front BackShown in #986Learn more atFEATHERLITE LEAD FREEULTRALIGHT LEAD FREELIGHTWEIGHT LEADAliMed.com/smartid #960760#938304#938302Available in Standard or Tailored-Fit sizes, see p. 10.4 AliMed.com/radiation-protection 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'