b'Thyroid ShieldsDefend your thyroidPerfect Fit Thyroid ShieldsFront line protection Personalize with 400+ colors and prints, plus monogramThe thyroid is one of the mostShownradiation-sensitive organs in the headin #775and neck. The American Thyroid Association strongly recommends wearing protective Thyroid Shields during procedures, which can reduceConnected with a radiation doses by as much as 45%. 1 webbing strap,With full 0.5 mm Pb-equivalentshield is alwayswith you when protection, AliMed Thyroid Shieldsneededare your first line of defense against harmful scatter radiation. nUnattachedOrder any time n AttachedMust order with apron1American Thyroid Association, Policy Statement on ThyroidUnattached Thyroid Shields coordinateAttached Thyroid ShieldsWhen Shielding During Diagnostic Medical and Dental Radiology, 2013. with Perfect Fit Aprons. Choose from overpurchasing a Perfect Fit Apron, add an 400 prints and colors at AliMed.com/aprons.Attached Thyroid Shield for convenience. Webbing Monogramming available at no extra cost, see strap is sewn to the collar of the apron so you never p. 10. Provides 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent protection. lose your shield. Detach by releasing the buckle. #960776FEATHERLITE LEAD FREE Visit AliMed.com/aprons to choose from over 400 prints and colors. Monogramming available at Grab n Go #938340ULTRALIGHT LEAD FREEno extra cost, see p. 10. Protective material weight Thyroid Shields #938339LIGHTWEIGHT LEADwill match apron (details, p. 3). Provides 0.5 mmp. 8 Pb-equivalent protection. ATTACHED THYROID SHIELD No item # needed. Must be ordered at the same timeas apron order. Hygienic Thyroid ShieldsFLUIDPROOF, DISPOSABLE MAGNETIC ANTIMICROBIAL CLOSUREnn DisposablenMagnetic closure helps avoid Impervious to liquidsFluidproof Thyroid Shields areeliminates cleaning bacteria buildupimpervious to liquids, including bodily fluids,Ultralight DisposableMagnaGuard chemicals, and other liquids. Antimicrobial materialThyroid Shields Thyroid Shields provides infection control and inhibits growth ofTough enough to reuse andLong-lasting with a bacteria. Wipeable and easy to clean. Ultralight,economical enough to discard,magnetic closure that lead-free material offers 0.5 mm Pb-equivalenteliminating need for cleaninghelps fight the risk radiation protection. and disinfection. Made of aDisposable Head Band of bacteria buildupMagnetic closurePolyurethane fabric proprietary, lead-free alloyassociated with #939123FLUIDPROOF THYROID SHIELD for full 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent radiation protection.conventional closures. Made with a unique Lightweight, comfortable. Use with our Disposablenon-porous UltraFlex fabric that is fluid-proof, Monogramming not available. Head Bands for extra radiation protection. Shipsantibacterial, stain-resistant, and easily wipeable.Specify color, see chart below. same day when ordered by 3 p.m. EST. 10/bx.Lead-free0.5 mm Pb-equivalent front protectionSolids: Spunbound polypropylene coverLight BlueBlueBeige Black Green Grey Navy Sky Blue #937929DISPOSABLE THYROID SHIELD #938886MAGNAGUARD THYROID SHIELD Glitters: #937930DISPOSABLE HEAD BAND Orange Black Grey Navy Pink Monogramming not available.customerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/radiation-protection 11'