b'Instructions for measuring Perfect Fit Aprons1. Take Chest, Waist, and Hip measurements using directions below. MonogrammingChest (C): Raise arms out to side. Measure Stand tall for Perfect Fit Apparelcircumference around widest part of chest. with armsdown and Monogram your initials, name,Waist (W): One-Piecemeasure natural waist. feet together or institution when you order your Two-Piecemeasure where you want the kilt topAliMed Perfect Fit Aprons and Thyroid to sit (this may or may not be the natural waist). Shields. Order Form available at Hip (H): Measure circumference around widestAliMed.com/aprons.part of hips.C2.Measure Length based on type of apron you need. See below for instructions based on apron type. 3. Reference Standard Sizing Charts below for yourBlock styleapron type to see if your measurements fall within aWstandard size.H4. If one or more measurements differ from StandardSizing, order a custom Tailored-Fit size at noScript styleadditional cost. Available in three font styles:Visit AliMed.com/apron-sizing for full details. Block.ALL CAPS.Watch a video demonstrationScript.on Apron Sizing!AliMed.com/apron-sizingFront Protection Aprons Vests and Kilts Coat and Wraparound ApronsIncludes Quick Drop Basic, Quick Drop Adjustable,Determine where you want the Back Aid, Tie, Weighttop of kilt to sitthis may or may Reliever, and Flex Weightnot be your natural waist. Reliever styles.For Vest: Measure length from top of shoulder to top of kilt. Measure lengthAdd 3" for overlap.Measure length from center of neckline from top of the (sternal notch) to hem. shoulder to hem.We recommend 1"For Kilt:We recommend 1" above the knee. Measure length fromabove the knee.top of kilt to hem.We recommend 1" above the knee.Front Protection Apron Vest Kilt (Unisex) Coat/Wraparound Apron FITS FITS MAXFITSMALEFEMALESIZEWAISTHIPLSIZECHESTWAISTHIPFRONT/REAR SIZEDRESSSUITCHEST/APRONMAX.SIZECHESTL*CHEST L* S28"-29"34"-35" 19"(UNISEX)SIZESIZESIZELENGTH (UNISEX)SIZESIZEHIPLENGTHHEIGHT S37"-38"24.5"35"-36"21.5" M30"-31"36"-37" 20" S33"-36"34"-37"35"-38"36"/32"S4-634"-36"36"32"5\'6" M39"-40"25"37"-38"22" M232"-33"38"-39" 20" M37"-40"38"-41"39"-42"38"/34"M8-1038"-40"40"34"5\'10" L41"-42"25.5"39"-40"22.5" L34"-35"40"-41" 21" L41"-44"42"-45"43"-46"40"/36"L12-14 42"-44"36"44"6\'0" XL43"-44"26"41"-42"23" L236"-37"42"-43" 21" XL45"-48"46"-49"47"-50"42"/38"XL16-18 46"-48" 48"38"6\'2" XXL45"-46"26.5"43"-44"23.5" XL38"-39"44"-45" 22"XXL20-22 50"-52" 52"40"6\'4" 3XL47"-48"27"45"-46"24" XXL40"-41"46"-47" 22"*Note: Vest length includes a 3" overlap3XL42"-43"48"-49"23"of kilt.400+ COLORS/PRINTS See them all at AliMed.com/aprons 10 AliMed.com/radiation-protection 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'