b'Full color selection and our economical Standard4 Lead Aprons available at AliMed.com/rp-aprons 40000CCOOLLOORRSS//PPRRIINNTTSSQuick Drop ApronsAdjustablen Surgical drop-away featurewont break sterile field Designed specifically for use in the O.R., our Quick Drop Aprons feature crisscross straps with easy-to-release hook-and-loop fasteners for fast removal during surgeryBasicwithout compromising the sterile field. Our economical Basic style with two-point release at the waist offers the fastest removal. For a more custom fit, the Adjustable style includes an elasticized stretch back with fully adjustable, four-point release closures at the shoulder and waist, providing a tighter fit and better weight distribution. To release, an assistant also unhooks the shoulder closures for full drop away. Closures at Closer fit Fastest shoulders and waistfour-point releasetwo-point to adjust fitBasic Adjustable releaseCrisscross straps Elastic stretch backfor stability for optimal fitDrops away during surgery without breaking thesterile fieldFront Back Front BackShown inShown in #774 #507FEATHERLITEULTRALIGHT LIGHTWEIGHT LEAD FREELEAD FREELEADBASIC #960781#938148#938146ADJUSTABLE#960755#938152#938150Available in Standard or Tailored-Fit sizes, see p. 10. Back Aid Aprons n Back belt for extra lumbar supportIncludes an adjustable 6"W Back-Saver Belt to provide lower lumbar support. The belt and shoulder strap help redistribute weight from the shoulders to the hips so that the apron feels lighter.Fully adjustable 6"W Shoulder strap distributesBack-Saver Belt for weight evenly maximum lowerlumbar supportFront Back FEATHERLITE LEAD FREEULTRALIGHT LEAD FREELIGHTWEIGHT LEAD#960782#938156#938154Shown in #638Available in Standard or Tailored-Fit sizes, see p. 10. customerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/radiation-protection 7'