b'Radiation Attenuation GlovesSafety meets functionalityNever compromise nThe latest in glove technology with higher attenuation and advanced tactile sensitivityYour hands can be at greater riskA. AliGuard Attenuation Gloves of radiation exposure than youroffer the latest in glove technology for bodyespecially during high-dosesuperior radiation protection, featuring interventional proceduresdue to0.05 mm Pb-equivalency for higher closer proximity to the X-ray beam. 1 attenuation, a thinner and more finely textured grip for advanced tactile sensitivity, and AliMeds extensive line of Radiationanatomically correct curved fingers for reduced fatigueAttenuation Gloves combinesall at a cost-effective price. Made of a lead-free tungsten superior defense against secondaryformula with no harmful chemicals or harsh skin irritants scatter radiation with the tactilesuch as powder and latex for complete hand protection. Yellow. 5 pr/bx.sensitivity and skin protection youSee glove comparison chart below.need for full functionality. All gloves are shipped sterile.#960842SIZE 6 #960846SIZE 8#960843SIZE 61/2 #960847SIZE 81/21www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5326736/.Accessed May 2017. #960844SIZE 7 #960848SIZE 9 Try AliMed Gloves FREE!#960845SIZE 71/2 #960849SIZE 91/2Request your sample and watch the video at: AliMed.com/glove-samplen Free of powder, latex*, and leadB. Powder-Free Attenuation GlovesEconomical option with high attenuation and good tactile sensitivity without harmful skin irritants such as powder and natural rubber latex, reducing the transmission of allergens for complete hand protection. nSurgical and Lubricated coating for easy donning. Curved fingers help radiation protection reduce fatigue. Lead-free for easy disposal. Yellow.glove all-in-one! 5 pr/bx.See glove comparison chart below.D. FreeGuard 1 & 2 Attenuation Gloves 1The only radiation attenuation gloves to meet the#95-493SIZE 6 2 #95-496SIZE 8ASTM standard for surgical gloves, eliminating#95-494SIZE 7 #95-497SIZE 81 2 *Not made withthe need to wear an additional pair of surgical#95-495SIZE 71 2 #95-498SIZE 9 natural rubber latex.gloves. Lead-free. Powder-free. Ultra-thin for tactile sensitivity. Not made with natural rubber latex.nLead-linedChoice of two thicknesses. Black. 5 pr/bx.See glove comparison chart below, right. C. XGuard Attenuation GlovesPowder-free lining creates a smooth interior, reducing skin irritation. #925923 FREEGUARD 1 Thinner, texture-grained fingertips provide enhanced #925924 FREEGUARD 2 tactile sensitivity. Anatomically correct curved fingers Specify size: 6, 612, 7, 712, 8, 812, 9. reduce hand fatigue. Lead-lined. Brown. 5 pr/bx.See glove comparison chart below.#925920RR1 #925921RR2 Specify size: 6, 61 2 , 7, 71 2 , 8, 81 2 , or 9.Attenuation Gloves Comparison ChartAttenuation n Hypoallergenic liner CompareAttenuationat 60 kVp at 120 kVp Latex-Free* Powder-Free Pb-Equivalent Length Shelf Life ThicknessLead-Free Beaded CuffE. Secure Touch Attenuation Gloves are lead- and powder-free, and made with an internalA.AliMed AliGuard52%36%3330.050 mm11"3 years0.25 mmhypoallergenic liner to help reduce the risks ofB.AliMed Powder-Free47%27%3330.018 mm113/4"3 years0.23 mmreactions. Textured fingers and palms prevent staff from losing their grip on equipment. Lead-freeC.XGuard RR1 45%23%30.015 mm12"2 years0.22 mmrequires no special disposal. Two thicknesses forXGuard RR2 55%31%30.021 mm12"2 years0.30 mmmaximum tactile sensation and protection. Khaki.D.FreeGuard 1 42%25%3 330.024 mm12"2 years0.22 mm5 pr/bx.See glove comparison chart at right. FreeGuard 2 50%31%3330.032 mm12"2 years0.30 mm#937947 XR1 ULTRA-THIN E.Secure Touch XR1 46%24%330.020 mm312"3 years0.20 mm#937948 XR2 Secure Touch XR2 64%42%330.040 mm312"3 years0.35 mmSpecify size: 612, 7, 712, 8, 812, 9. At fingertip. *Not made with natural rubber latex.customerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/radiation-protection 15'