b'Medical Cart AccessoriesOrganize your storageTrellis MEDICAL CARTS for easy access p. 25SystemsRailsCustomize your AliMed Medical Cart with a range of accessoriesp. 27designed for maximum storage efficiency, organization, and accessibility so you can do your job easier and faster. AccessoriesTwin Poly Pushare available for Select, Standard, Wide, or Mini Series models Handlesjust look for the icon! p. 27SEL STD WIDE MINI Wire Drawer DividersBasketsand Trays p. 26Buy individually or SAVE with packages pp. 22, 23CART ACCESSORIES With over 50 different accessory options, order just the ones you need or SAVE when you order one of our pre-bundled packages, featuring our most popular, must have accessories for ourWaste Emergency, Anesthesia, and Procedure Carts.ContainersEmergency: pp. 4, 6, 8 p. 27Anesthesia: pp. 10, 12, 14Procedure: p. 18Drawer DividersFor 3"H Drawer For 3"H DrawerSTD WIDEFAX800.437.2966 Spring Tension Drawer Divider Sets Spring tension keeps adjustable dividers secure. Place dividers vertically anywhere in drawer for customized organization. Adjustsfrom 11 18 "-18"D. Fits 6"H, 9"H, or 12"H drawers. #936436SPRING TENSION DRAWER DIVIDER2/SET877.357.1444AliMed.com For 6"H Drawer For 6"H Drawer For 9"H DrawerSEL STD WIDE MINI SEL STD WIDE MINIPurchase Accessory Modular Divider Kits feature fixed railsDrawer Divider Sets create quick and Packages andSAVE! and movable dividers for up to 9 custom- easy vertical division of space for organizing. sized storage compartments. Fits 3"H or 6"HFits 3"H, 6"H, or 9"H Drawers.Pre-bundled packagesDrawers. Select/Standard/Wide Set: 2 rails, 6 dividersMini Set: feature our most SELECT/STANDARD/WIDE SERIES2 rails, 4 dividerspopular, must-have#938483FOR 3"H DRAWERKITSELECT/STANDARD/WIDE SERIES SETaccessories for#938485FOR 6"H DRAWERKIT #935965FOR 3"H DRAWERSETEmergency, Anesthesia,#935966FOR 6"H DRAWERSETand Procedure Carts.MINI SERIES#938484FOR 3"H DRAWERKIT #935967FOR 9"H DRAWERSETDetails, pp. 4, 6, 8, 10, MINI SERIES SET12, 14, 18 #938486FOR 6"H DRAWERKIT#938487FOR 3"H DRAWERSET#938488FOR 6"H DRAWERSET#938489FOR 9"H DRAWERSET22 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'