b'AliMed Medical Cart AccessoriesShelvingMEDICAL CARTSPurchase AccessoryPackages andSAVE! Select Series shownPre-bundled packages feature our mostSEL STDpopular, must-haveSELaccessories forDeep Single-Shelf Units keep additional Emergency, Anesthesia,Narrow Single-Shelf Units keepsupplies within reach. Non-skid top holds and Procedure Carts. additional supplies within reach. Non-skid topitems in place.Details, pp. 4, 6, 8,holds items in place. 26 78 "W x 14 116 "DAdds 12" to height of cart 10, 12, 14, 18 26 78 "W x 1014"D #938429SELECT SERIESEA#935961NARROW SINGLE-SHELF UNITEA #936532STANDARD SERIESEACART ACCESSORIESMINI SEL STD STD WIDEDefibrillator Corner Shelf Units swivelDefibrillator Single-Shelf Units swivel Basic Shelving Units keep additional360 for quick and easy access. Includes360 for quick and easy access. Includes supplies within reach. straps to secure unit. straps to secure unit.18"W x 14 116 "DAdds 12" to height of cart Adjustable width: 13"-18"12"D25-lb. capacity 26 78 "W x 14 116 "DAdds 12" to height of cart#936537BASIC SHELVING UNITEA #938428SELECT SERIESEA #938480DEFIBRILLATOR SINGLE-SHELF UNITEA#936434STANDARD SERIESEATop-Mounted Storage6-Compartment5-Compartment4-Compartment3-CompartmentFAX800.437.2966STD WIDE MINI SEL STD WIDE MINI SEL STD WIDETrellis Systems with HooksThree-tierTrellis SystemsThree-tier system forTilt Bins add additional storage space above system with five hooks hangs supplies at eyemounting additional accessories or storagethe cart. Mix and match compartment sizeslevel for easy access.compartments such as Tape Dispensers (p. 27) or AliMed.com 877.357.1444Tilt Bins (at right) for easy access to supplies. to fit your individual needs. Requires Trellis System Adds approximately 22" to height of cart for mounting (sold separately, at left).#938539STANDARD SERIES, 171/4"W EA Adds approximately 22" to height of cart 3-Compartment: 912"H x 734"D4-Compartment: 814"H x #938538WIDE SERIES, 283/4"W EA #935962SELECT SERIES, 171/4"WEA 6 58 "D5-Compartment: 612"H x 514"D6-Compartment: #938541MINI SERIES, 101/4"W EA #935981STANDARD SERIES, 171/4"W EA 412"H x 3 58 "D#936545WIDE SERIES, 283/4"W EASELECT SERIES, 221/2"W #938540MINI SERIES, 101/4"W EA #9384573-COMPARTMENTEA#9384584-COMPARTMENTEABuild your own cart!#9365345-COMPARTMENTEAYour choice of: #9384596-COMPARTMENTEA Drawer configurations Made to order STANDARD/WIDE SERIES, 23 58 "W Expanded color options products just for you #9359773-COMPARTMENTEA Locking options #9359784-COMPARTMENTEA Extended warranty AliMed.com/made-to-order #9359795-COMPARTMENTEA Accessories #9359806-COMPARTMENTEALOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 25'